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As anyone following this forum well knows, I have rarely passed up an opportunity to sharply criticize the Obamanation for past decisions which, in my opinion, were harmful – if not ultimately terminal for our Republic.

Ergo, it seems only fair to speak up when he makes a decision which, also in my opinion, is the right one.

I speak, of course, of the beginning of re-normalization of our relationship with Cuba. I fully believe that, had such re-normalization taken place decades ago, Cuba would long since have rejoined the ranks of free nations.

In other words, our lack of diplomatic relations, accompanied by an economic embargo which has helped cripple the Cuban economy for over a half century, helped the Castro brothers and their fellow thugs stay in power. And, one of their most effective arguments for staying in power was to oppose the “evil Americans” while our own actions gave this enough truth to make it totally believable by the Cuban people.

My reasoning is based on the firm conclusion that downtrodden people are much easier to subjugate than prosperous people.

For supporting evidence of this theory, one need not leave the USA. Simply consider the plight of so many Black Americans, especially those trapped in our inner cities… if they are not a subjugated people, then the phrase needs redefinition. And, the method of their subjugation is not by any means an accident, just as is true in Cuba. In the case of Black Americans, they have, in general, been intentionally entrapped by a system of political dependence that helps keep them subjugated. Add to this political support for a dysfunctional pseudo-culture that seems to value ignorance, misconduct, irresponsibility and the aforementioned dependence and you get an oppressive environment from which there is no “underground railroad” to freedom.

To extend my reasoning to Cuba, I think that, with normalized relations with the USA – and the economic activity that should accompany it, the relative prosperity of the average Cuban citizen can only rise. And, the more that prosperity rises, the less use they will have for Communist thugs who try to dictate their every thought and movement. At the very worst, we could end up with another China-type arrangement where a mostly capitalist, reasonably free citizenry are still partly ruled by a Communist-like government. At the best, we end up with a replay of what has happened in recent years in Eastern Europe.

I think the object lesson in Cuba (and possibly even Iran) is that when you leave a people with few choices, none of them good, you have condemned them to make bad choices. Could it really be that simple? That relying on the innate goodness of the common citizens of any nation can yield better results than trying to manipulate or defeat their governments?

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

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  • Mutanatia says:

    Agreed! There is also the other aspect of diplomacy that states that just putting the “problem child,” or in this case, the “problem nation” in the corner and just ignoring it will not solve anything; rather, the problem nation will see it is being ignored and try to cause more trouble. You see this most often on display in the North Korea situation, where it throws a tantrum to get attention, then goes back to being ignored.

  • Chris says:

    Troy, I am in agreement with you on “normalizing” relations with Cuba if only for the definition of insanity. Five decades of past practice hasn’t accomplished anything. Something has to change. That said true normalization still is not possible unless the Castro regime can demonstrate it has modified policy and practice. Post revolution Castro confiscated all private property from both citizens and foreign interests. A great deal of US investment was simply lost to the Castro government. Not saying that “normalization” should be contingent on recovering this property. It’s long gone now, but Cuba will be seeking trade and investment. What about property going forward? Cuba could do quite well as a US vacation paradise as it once did. What assurance would there be for someone that wanted to invest in building a hotel that it wouldn’t have a Castro inc. sign on it in five years?

    We have diplomatic relations with a large number of countries we consider unfriendly or not in our best interest. I have no problem with that. My problem would come in where our government makes assurances to the business community that they will at a later date be hesitant to back up. Just because the government says relations are normal doesn’t make it so. When it comes to investment both parties have to have agreement on standard property practice. Cuba has a long way to go.

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