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  • A very well done commercial. Did you sign up? I would not have watched it had you not been the one to recommend it. When I went to their website the first thing I encountered was this:


    FYI, here are some comments on the WOT site about them.

    That said, I certainly agree with most of what was said. What always confuses me is why anyone who believes such apocalyptic prognoses of the near-term future would even consider signing up for investing advice.

    “The stock market is about to crash, so here are some great stocks you should be investing in…” Huh?

    “The US Dollar is being printed like there is no tomorrow and is about to become virtually worthless, so here is a great way to accumulate more of them…” Huh?

    I applaud and agree with the recommendation to invest in hard assets. Yet, that is essentially suggesting one convert soon-to-be-worthless dollars into endurable things of actual value, such as precious metals, land, bullets, etc. Some of us have been doing that for a long time, and one does not need an ongoing investment advice service to do so.

    I’ll admit that, viewed in retrospect, I have missed opportunities to increase my paper net worth by not playing in the Wall Street casino the past few years; but at whatever point the system crashes, such gains would essentially evaporate. The only way to actually profit would be to stop gambling, and convert all one’s paper/digital dollars into hard assets, just before the crash. If one could somehow know precisely when the crash is going to happen, that would be peachy. Yet, it would seem to me that trying to convince us that it will be within the next six months, and that we should therefore sign up for expert investing advice, is a very conflicting message… â—„Daveâ–º

  • Troy says:

    Once the marketing started, it was pure BS from there on. However, I did agree with the early analysis of the effects of our debt, the stability of the US $, and the role of other nations in the international economy. The current situation has to be near the implosion point… too many things too likely to happen. One of them is bound to happen in the near future.


  • Chris says:

    I have been waiting for two years for the darn thing to come apart and the fact that it hasn’t is evidence to just how sick the economy is. With all the “cash” being pumped in where is the inflation? It should be running sky high with the exception that real consumers don’t have any money to support higher prices. If employment ever does come back and wages do increase stand back.

    I have a theory as to why they continued to pump so much money into the system without it benefiting main street. I believe they were fully aware that the “stimulus” money wouldn’t go to create jobs but instead inflate the equities market. The 2008 market crash decimated government and union pension funds. They were all under water. Pension funds are required by law to maintain a certain level of funding and none of them could comply including public employee funds. My teamster fund was forced into drastic measures to begin to comply. That drastic measure consisted of stealing two years worth of my pension by raising the retirement age. Anyway I believe the fed is intentionally inflating the equities market to bail out union pensions. Otherwise they would have all gone under. As a bonus they also covered their “1%” buddies losses as well.

    As a side note the teamster pension fund is all back in the black now. Should I hold my breath anticipating getting my two years back?

    • Troy says:

      I too have wondered why inflation is (apparently) so low. My research yields at least 2 possibilities: 1. Inflation is actually MUCH higher that the government says (my spending tends to confirm this), 2. Much of the $$ printed by the Fed is still not in circulation. One reason given for this is the continued low level of lending by the banking system. (As you know, banks lend money that does not actually exist — the excess/uncirculated currency sitting at the Fed is used to cover the apparent “new” money thus “created” and placed into circulation. IMHO, this is the number 1 cause of inflation in our economy.)

      BTW, I would not suggest holding your breath waiting for any improvement given prevailing conditions.


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