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As usual, Bill Whittle nails it:



…he is right that she really shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it… but; I suspect she will. :(   â—„Daveâ–º


2 Responses to “Criminal Arrogance”

  • Chris says:

    Nothing will be done about it. The whole thing actually got under my skin to a point where I actually took the time to tap out a quick thought. You would think if anybody really thought this was a problem there would be an effort to fix it.

  • Troy says:

    As I said in another post, we have allowed creation of a ruling class that considers itself above the law. There are two reasons that nothing will be done about this:

    First, in general, we the sheeple are too stupid to understand the implications of this.

    Second, those empowered to take decisive action in a case such as this are, in far too many instances, themselves members of this ruling class — ergo, they have much to lose by even starting down such a path.


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