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While I realize there is no end of opinion being offered regarding the Martin – Zimmerman fiasco, I cannot help but offer my own two dollars worth…

Despite there having been no real evidence of a racial angle to this tragedy, still there seems to be an outcry to make this a racial issue. My question is why?

I expect as much from the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton because they (and others like them) are professional racists. That is to say, their prosperity, fame and influence are all based on the continuation of racial divisiveness.

But, how does one explain the media’s obvious wish to stir up unnecessary racial discord over this? Or that of the “Hollywood airheads”? Worse yet, why is the president of our nation doing the same thing? Do they not understand that the “low information” segment of our society reacts to such misinformation emotionally rather than rationally, and that, to most of them, perception is reality, regardless of the pertinent facts (or lack of same).

I confess to have no idea what was going through the minds of George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin during that unfortunate encounter. However, my impression, from what evidence we have been offered, is that this was the tragic result of a chance collision between two people, both lacking in good judgment.

Goodness knows that there is enough legitimate racial misconduct among all races without attempting to find a racial problem where none seemed to exist.

Precisely what do the race-baiters wish to come of this? Other than the professional racists named above, why would any sane person want to foment unrest that will intimately harm us all?

There is another angle to this that puzzles me. Assume that the professional racists, the media, the Hollywood airheads and even the president are all totally sincere in their concern that a young black male may have been intentionally stalked and killed by a part Hispanic, part black man with a Jewish name? If the killing of young black males is so high on their collective horror list, where is the like concern for the thousands of young black males that are routinely slaughtered by other black males in our inner cities? Are the lives of those young black males of no account? Is the killing of a young black male only wrong when perpetuated by a killer who is less than totally black?

As I have opined before in this blog, I originally hoped that the election of the first self-identified “black” president would be, if not the end of racism in America, at least the beginning of the end. Instead, we have elected the most racist administration in the history of the Republic.

Perhaps those currently in power see this as some manner of “getting even”? I simply cannot imagine any other explanation for intentionally causing division and discord in the nation they were chosen to lead. But this I do know – whatever their motivation, what they are doing can only turn out very badly for all of us, no matter our individual blend of ancestral ethnicity.

The future of our Republic is in sufficient doubt without this.

Taking this latest fiasco together with all else that has happened in recent years, one would be justified in concluding that those privileged to lead this nation are determined to destroy it. I simply cannot come up with any other rational explanation.

It is our choice whether we allow them to succeed.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

14 Responses to “Why Promote Racism?”

  • Mary says:

    If I had a president, he would look like Ronald Reagan. ~ anonymous poster at PJM

    Feeling close to puking over our national ‘discourse’ on race, I howled when I read it, and I’m not even close to a Reaganite. This president has set race relations back half a century. I’ve never seen the blogosphere so angry (well, not in eight months or so)

    Stop the world, I wanna get off!

    • Troy says:

      You can’t get off. Your only option is to help change the world into what we would have it be — or continue to take whatever they see fit to impose upon us.


      • That is the real tragedy, Troy. I would gladly leave the Progressives alone to do what they will with their grand social experiments in their crumbling cities, if they would just leave me alone to live my life as I choose out here in Flyover Country. This is not to be; yet I am weary of the effort to awaken the sheeple to do something about it.

        No, I cannot get off the world; but I am more and more inclined to just hunker down here in my cave, and watch the slow-motion disintegration of our once proud country with detached fascination. I had my turn at bat and struck out. It is the kid’s problem now. I wish them luck; but I have little hope that they will do any better than we did at arresting the entropy. C’est la vie… â—„Daveâ–º

  • Chris says:

    Distraction. One simple word. When people are busy being angry with each other they won’t align together against the true cause of their grievances. Keep them busy with petty pissing matches and they can do what they want.

    • Troy says:

      I think this is only partly true. Progressives, in general, no doubt think this way. IMHO, the Obamanation and his henchmen (and henchwomen) actually want to destroy our Republic.


      • Chris says:

        Which is why they need all the distraction they can get. 😉

      • Larry Andrew says:

        Troy…to what end? What do you think is their motivation? Do you think it is an organized, collective effort to destroy? Other than your political differences, what specifics do you have that there is an organized effort, led by the big O, to destroy? What does he and the rest get out of it?

        • Chris says:

          Larry, I think what we need to do is define the term “destroy the republic”. I can’t speak for Troy but if I use that term I don’t mean to say they wish to turn the country into Detroit even though that’s what will be the end result. I use the term to describe their distaste for our constitutional republic and the limited powers of central government under that constitution. Their motivation? “Social justice” or their idea of it. Is it organized? Of course. Look at the progressive caucus, the socialist party, the communist party USA and many many other groups and organizations that seek “social justice”. What do they get out of it? Cuba, Argentina, Europe, take your pick on a HUGE scale. It’s their thinking that those places all have it right and the only reason it doesn’t work is that the US doesn’t play along by not “spreading the wealth”. What do you think cap and trade was supposed to do? A global tax to spread the wealth from prosperous industrial nations to poor nations.

        • Troy says:

          I will attempt to answer your last question first… what do they (he) hope to get out of it? Two things. First, part and parcel of the progressive mindset is that “they” are of superior intent and intellect and are, therefore, nobly offering to think for us, to decide for us (simply consider the recent attempts by “Nanny” Bloomberg and his followers to tell us what and how much we should consume) and to protect us from our own inherent stupidity. Second, and particular to the Obamanation, is the urge for revenge. Revenge against the colonial powers (of which he thinks the U.S. is a prime example) as well as revenge for the misuse of people of color by the white race.

          From what I have read, the revenge against colonialism is a misplaced urge driven by his glorification of the activities of his supposed father against British rule in Kenya (which also explains his repeated attempts to insult the British, particularly the Queen). My analysis is that the Obamanation is a delusional narcissist who is being manipulated by the financial cartel.

          As to your question as to whether what is transpiring in our Republic is organized, I would answer that all evidence says that it is. Look no further than the slogan of the Obamanation’s most recent re-election campaign… “Forward”, a word that has long been the slogan of international Marxism.

          That said, I think that the apparent move toward international Marxism is itself nothing but a front for the international financial cartel… the same cartel that owns and profits from the Federal Reserve.

          Am I some manner of conspiracy nut? Not in my own thinking. It seems to me that the cartel has been operating its strategy for the last 100 years or so. And, they do it openly, trusting that our own laziness and eagerness for handouts will blind us to reality.

          As for defining “destroy the Republic”, that is simple. Destroying the Republic simply means turning our nation from being a Constitutional Republic into some form of oligarchic dictatorship — ultimately making it part of a worldwide oligarchic dictatorship. A task that, IMHO, is virtually complete.


  • Chris says:

    As for defining “destroy the Republic”, that is simple. Destroying the Republic simply means turning our nation from being a Constitutional Republic into some form of oligarchic dictatorship — ultimately making it part of a worldwide oligarchic dictatorship. A task that, IMHO, is virtually complete.



  • Troy says:

    Yesterday, FOX news aired a video of 3 black youths viciously pummeling a white youth on a school bus. Jackson and Sharpton, where is your outrage RE racial violence?


    • That was rhetorical, right? These fools repeatedly claim that black racism is impossible, because they don’t have the power to ‘oppress’ whites. These celebrated victims won’t accept equality, even on that front. It would be bad for business… â—„Daveâ–º

  • Chris says:

    To them it’s justice. He deserved the beating for having the audacity to be white.

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