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I find myself weary of trying to awaken sheeple, to the perils facing our nation. Most don't want to hear it. I am bored with reading about and commenting on the latest outrageous corruption and scandals emanating from Sodom by the Potomac. They are now coming so 'fast and furious' that it is impossible to keep up with them in any depth anyway.

Yet, I find it impossible to just give up and let the Pro Retrogressives win a total and final victory, which would bind our posterity in the ancient chains of serfdom, in the land our forefathers fought and died to keep free. I think we need a positive project to focus our energy on, which would at least attempt to save our country for our grandchildren.

It is they, the children, who are the future of America. Yet, presently they are ever increasingly and deliberately being dumbed down. They are indoctrinated in our public schools, to be ashamed of America's past, and view a Marxist utopia as its inevitable future. If we really want to save America, first and foremost this trend must be reversed.

I had an epiphany while commenting on a blog post yesterday, by my conservative friend @chip-murray, regarding the Boy Scouts' recent acceptance of gays in their ranks. Ever the critic of the Left/Right culture war, and a strong advocate for individual sovereignty and Liberty, I replied:

If one accepts the premise of altruism, as both the Left and Right now do, then one abandons one's natural sovereign rights, for the greater good of the community. Then, if one accepts the premise of democracy, as both the Left and Right now do, then one accepts the notion that a majority has the moral authority to impose their will on the minority.

Stir in universal suffrage, giving the village idiots, mindless sheeple, and shiftless layabouts an equal vote as the thoughtful, wise, and productive – and we have a surefire recipe for societal suicide. In this climate, if a concerned parent abandons the responsibility to educate and acculturate their children to the village, they should not be surprised to find them becoming village idiots.

The BSA has made their decision. Let them live with it, by letting the queers have it. Were I a concerned parent now, I wouldn't waste a moment lamenting this turn of events. I would simply pull my child out of the organization, and take the opportunity to form a new one more to my liking in my community.

I'd call it the American Pioneers, or some such. Then, I would stir in a lot more American history with the survival crafts. Being who I am, I would also seek to promote autonomy, independence, individuality and personal responsibility, rather than conformity and compliance; but that might not suit those wedded to altruism.

Which perfectly illustrates the problem with central planning. Why must my group conform with others? The BSA was just effectively destroyed, by the action of just a few individuals at the national level. Had there been 50 autonomous State organizations, it would have taken 50 times the effort to kill it. But what if there had been no State organizations, and each local organization had to be toppled one at a time?

If one thinks about it, the same principle applies to our Federal government. Our country is being conquered by a relatively few Marxists/globalists, who have insidiously taken over our centralized power centers. If these didn't exist, they couldn't have been so successful. Big powerful government doesn't protect us; quite the opposite… â—„Daveâ–º

The idea of starting a new type of youth organization, as an alternative to the Boy Scouts, niggled at me all day. The more I think about it, the more attractive the potential seems, for a positive project and worthwhile endeavor for the Patriot community. Thus, I like the name, “Sons of Liberty” better than “American Pioneers.” Consider how our children are not being taught; but desperately need to learn and/or understand:

  • Critical thinking skills.
  • Altruism vs. individualism.
  • The virtue of selfishness.
  • Individual sovereignty.
  • Natural rights vs. political rights.
  • Rights vs. privilages.
  • Republic vs. democracy.
  • The purpose of our Constitution.
  • The principle of federalism.
  • Exposure to real American history.
  • Our Founders as heroes, not villains.
  • American exceptionalism.
  • Money vs. currency.
  • Fractional reserve banking.
  • The causes of inflation and deflation.
  • The nature of hidden taxes.
  • Who ultimately pays most taxes.
  • Ponzi Schemes and entitlements.
  • Intergenerational plunder.
  • Capitalism vs. socialism.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Free markets.
  • Value for value exchanges.
  • The nature and morality of profit.
  • The value of competition.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Debating skills.
  • Etc., etc., etc.

…and, probably most importantly, how to grow up quickly and become responsible (and real) young men, instead of the perpetual childhood now fostered by the metrosexual Retrogressives.

It seems to me that boys mentored in these areas by trusted adults, while enjoying the camaraderie of friends engaged in learning survival skills appropriate for their own environment, nature study, camping, etc. of traditional Scouting, would develop an immunity to much of the nonsensical Marxist dogma they are being force-fed by academia. Yet, it is a way to save their minds from being dumbed down, without having to wrest control of the stultifying public schools away from the Marxists. The process could begin immediately, and it just might catch fire.

I suggest an entirely voluntary endeavor, with each local group completely autonomous and unregulated, much like the TEA Party now is. We could provide a central website, with ideas for local groups to consider, for structure and activities; but each local leader could pick and choose those he finds appropriate for his community. It could have a support forum, for sharing ideas and experiences. It could even have another one (or more) for the boys themselves.

There could be sectarian groups, secular groups, gay tolerant groups, even all gay groups; so who could legitimately object? Their affinity groupings would not matter to us, if the result would be to produce aware, well-informed, self-sufficient, competent, individual young men. Our goal should be that they at least understand our exceptional America, and develop a serviceable set of BS filters in their mental tool box, with which they can effectively think critically for themselves. Without a formal organization, and no income to account for, it would be immune to lawyers and bureaucrats alike.

If there is any interest in such a project, let's kick it around and make a plan to get it started. Thoughts? â—„Daveâ–º


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  • Kitti says:

    I applaud your idea. My only concern is that if you have the “Sons of Liberty” somebody better damn well start a “Daughters of Liberty” as well, or your “Sons” won’t have anyone of their ideals to produce kids with. If they ‘marry’ women who have been indoctrinated by the Marxist idiots in the school system (and their parents) the ‘girls’ will then “teach their children well” and we’ll be back to the same problem…

    • Good point, Kitti; how about you? I know nothing about the Girl Scouts, other than I like S’mores and Thin Mint cookies. 🙂

      Actually, given the admirably bold activism of conservative women, I never doubted for a minute that if this idea were to take off, the Daughters of Liberty would soon follow. Thinking about your suggestion that it is mandatory, perhaps we should combine the two efforts from the outset.

      The Sons & Daughters of Liberty would have much in common to share from our website, and there could be separate sections for appropriate male and female activities. Perhaps even some shared activities? As you suggest, for the sake of sustained Liberty in our land, we would want them to develop an appreciation and affinity for each other. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

  • Erik Lundrbeck says:

    Dave, this is a great idea! Count me in!

  • Troy says:

    Right on — do it!

    Imagine it, an organization focused on reality. What a concept. Of course, you will not get anyone to join.


  • Here is a reply I made to some comments on this post elsewhere:

    It seems I have been misunderstood. I was not suggesting a whole new official organization and massive infrastructure, to replace the Boy Scouts; quite the opposite. Neither was I suggesting anything that required much in the way of resources, other than a lot of volunteer time by Patriots interested in promoting our Founder’s vision, of maximum individual Liberty, with absolute minimum Federal government interference in the personal lives of American citizens.

    Presently, most of our youth are never even exposed to such ideas; if for no other reason than that their parents and teachers weren’t either. There is a very good reason most TEA Party folk are over 50. Our worldview is completely alien to most younger folk, who have done no independent study of our history and founding principles.

    From deliberately programed ignorance, they are easily entrapped in the Incumbrepublocrats’ Left/Right culture war, where either side is fighting for the freedom to live their lives their own way, out of fear that the other side’s agenda represents oppressive tyranny. It never even occurs to them that the real struggle of the ages, which our Founders brilliantly addressed, is not the horizontal Left/Right battle between opposing camps of would be tyrants.

    It is instead the vertical Up/Down battle for Liberty, between the sovereignty of free individuals, and oppressive tyranny of any sort, including Left or Right altruistic collectives’ busybodies. It is my opinion that if all Americans understood this, and possessed the critical thinking skills to evaluate the situation for themselves, the size and scope of our Federal government could be returned to near Constitutional limits within a couple of election cycles.

    It is also my opinion that we Patriots in the TEA Party and Liberty Movement, waste far too much time lamenting the way things have deteriorated, sharing clever pictures, arguing over trite minutia, and/or desperately seeking an effective electable leader, whom social and fiscal conservatives, libertarians, and independents could somehow all agree to get behind. We kid ourselves that this would solve everything, when only a modicum of serious reflection. reveals to the least intuitive that it wouldn’t.

    Lamentably, we do not spend enough time doing positive things that could actually change the disastrous course we are on as a nation, for the sake of our posterity. At the rate our history is being rewritten, and our children are being deliberately dumbed down, our posterity will never even know what might have been, or even how shamelessly we screwed them with unconscionable debt, for our own generation’s gratification in the guise of altruism.

    My suggestion was that we take the opportunity provided by the current dissatisfaction with the BSA, to design a new youth group that offered much of what traditional Scouting does, with the central focus on inculcating our nation’s founding principles, supporting history, free-market economics, and critical thinking skills, which are no longer taught in government schools.

    My vision, which is certainly open to modification, was to create a social networking type website for the purpose, which we would use to design and share our recommendations for the nature of a local club. We would fill it with interesting and/or enjoyable activities that would foster awareness of what America was meant to be, and why those venerable ideas are superior to the present socialist paradigm.

    We would offer encouragement and an entirely voluntary Q&A type support forum. There could be a ‘group’ set up for each local club. Beyond that dues-free service, I envisioned no binding relationship, legal, contractual, or otherwise, between our informal information center and the individual local clubs.

    Anyone could start one, without permission from us or anyone else. They would establish for themselves the legal structure (or not) of their local organization, how it is financed, and their own criteria for membership. Actually, they wouldn’t even have to call themselves the Sons &/or Daughters of Liberty.

    Any youth organization, such as a church group or even a Boy Scout troop, which found value in our ‘Liberty Lessons’ program, could adapt it to theirs. The important thing would be their autonomy to operate as they see fit, without one-size-fits-all rules, regulations, and mandates emanating from some national body.

    With all due respect for your son, Oscar (for having the good sense to choose you for a father), by the time this endeavor could get to the point of rationally deciding it needed lawyers and insurance, I would be long gone. I’m interested in educating and empowering worthy individuals, for the sake of posterity, not creating another target of opportunity for the enablers of the victim class.

    I have been a voluntary free trader and reasonably successful entrepreneur for most of my life, doing business on a handshake, without ever needing to hire a lawyer, or purchasing a dimes worth of insurance not mandated by the government or a lender. I am certainly not interested in starting now. If that is a deal killer, so be it. I’ll crawl back in my cave and leave posterity to fend for itself. â—„Daveâ–º

    • Troy says:

      How do we attract both adult leaders and the desired youth to this offering? Given what seems to attract the young these days, how about some sort of video game centered around the founding principles?


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