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The detailed investigation held post 9/11 clearly indicated that the information needed to prevent that attack was in hand. The problem, we were told, was that the appropriate government agencies “failed to connect the dots”.

Now, just a few days after the Boston Marathon bombing, initial investigations suggest that the information needed to prevent the bombing was in hand. The problem, we are again being told, was that the appropriate government agencies “failed to connect the dots”.

Indeed, reviewing want we think we know today, the only time the information “dots” seem to have been accurately “connected” was with those supposed “near misses” which, on deeper investigation, seem usually to have been orchestrated (and financed) by government agencies – particularly by the FBI.

For sure, there is a secondary problem at work here and that is that the various government agencies refuse to cooperate and communicate effectively. This is true, and will always be true, of political agencies led by people whose first priority is to perpetuate their agency, its prerogatives, and, most especially, its funding.

From all of this, I have reached several (to me) obvious conclusions:

First, our intelligence/law enforcement agencies collect so much information relating to so many people that they, and their systems, are overwhelmed with information. So much so that, too often, the time required to accurately assimilate the information into actionable results is longer than “the time value of the information”.

(In case some of you are not familial with the idea of “the time value of information”, simply consider the famous example of the information about the planned Normandy D-Day invasion – a week before the invasion began, this information had tremendous value (especially to the Germans) – a week after the invasion began, it had no value to anyone. The point being that if any time-sensitive information cannot be gathered, analyzed, then made actionable before the event it pertains to, such information is worthless.)

My second conclusion is that most terrorism actions against the United States, within our own country are, to some degree, faked. In addition, while I lack convincing proof, I allow the possibility that some relatively “minor” real actions may have knowingly been allowed to take place.

Why would this be? Because, like all “wars”, the “war on terror” has two very positive effects for those on the inside. The politicians get to extend and perpetuate their political powers while their cronies gather in an unimaginable amount of wealth at the expense of those they pretend to protect and defend. Ergo, and just like the so-called “war on drugs”, the “war on terror” will be perpetuated as long as the American people will continue to put up with them.

Can we do anything about all this? Most certainly!!

In the first example, we must quit accepting nonsensical invasions of our natural rights such as are contained in the Patriot Act as well as any and all other such assaults. If our government agencies were limited to collecting information only in those cases where there is probable cause, supported by specific court orders, the resulting volume of information flow would be small enough to be dealt with effectively. We must understand that most of the information being collected today involves innocent civilians who, at the very worst, express political views at odds with the current regime rather than posing any real threat to their fellow citizens.

In the second example, we must bombard our elected representatives, demanding effective oversight along with absolute constitutional conformity over all government agencies. If the representative in question fails to follow suit, use your vote to send them home.

Remember my friends – many wrongs are being visited upon you by various elements of your own government. Then, remember even more clearly that they can only do this with your consent.

Think about it. Then do something about it!

Troy L Robinson

2 Responses to “Unconnected Dots”

  • Chris says:

    In a nut shell Troy PROFILING. We know who and where 90% of terrorists are and come from. Secure the borders and shut down immigration from those countries until they get theirs and their citizens act together. Do not renew a single visa from any of those countries, and escort those with expiring visas to the nearest port of exit. PERIOD.

  • Chris says:

    As we wait in line to be searched like criminals in the name of political correctness this is what they know.

    FBI most wanted terrorist list.

    Yet my 85 year old father has to remove clothing and shoes to be scrutinized before he can get on a plane for a trip to Vegas. What a waste and a crying shame.

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