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The most recent edition of Imprimis, a monthly pamphlet published by Hillsdale College is well worth the few minutes needed to read it. The title is Calvin Coolidge and the Moral Case for Economy written by Amity Shlaes.

In this article, Ms. Shlaes describes the discipline and the rationale President Coolidge used in managing the federal budget during his presidency. And, manage it he did!

Many in the GOP of today yearn for another Ronald Reagan when what we really need is another Calvin Coolidge. While it is true that Mr. Reagan’s economic policies did lower the overall tax burden, generating one of the longest periods of growth in our history, most seem to have forgotten that his policies also allowed for almost uncontrolled growth of government spending and the corresponding expansion of government. Looking back from our present condition, it is reasonable to ask whether the temporary rise in prosperity was worth the permanent damage of government growth.

Troy L Robinson

4 Responses to “Valuable Reading”

  • Excellent, Troy! Thanks for sharing that. I loved Reagan; but call me a Calvin Coolidge conservative. This is the guy we are looking for to clean up Sodom by the Potomac! â—„Daveâ–º

  • Chris says:

    Love Imprimis. I get mine in the mail. It’s about the only actual print I get to read. Reagan was a “conservative for his time”. When compared to Coolidge not so much. A Coolidge conservative now would be a rare find. I suggest Paul Ryan if left to his own devices might just be one. Sadly we’ll never really know because such lunacy in budgeting is frowned upon and a death nail for any politician.

    • LOL… Coffin nail or death knell? 🙂 Left/Right politics isn’t going to fix anything; if we are to survive this mess at all, we are going to have to grow our way out of it. Yet, even that would require reining in the Federal government’s appetite for taxing, spending, and over-regulating, which is also unlikely to happen. Basically, we are screwed… â—„Daveâ–º

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