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With a single-party political system, there are no meaningful challenges, even to the most insane or inane legislation. Yet, that is what we now have in the United States.

It is long past time for us to get past the LIE that we have a two-party system – a LIE the duopoly party maintains as part of its plan to keep itself in perpetual power. How do I know so sure that we do not have a two-party system like our phoney “legislators” suggest? Simple. In a two-party system, there is meaningful opposition between the parties. And, the debates spurred by that opposition help inform the people as to what their legislators are really up to (or down to as the case may be).

We are just coming off what our “legislators” assure us was a major threat to our economy – the so-called “fiscal cliff”. I counter that this so-called major threat was in fact more of a threat to the “legislators” than to the economy in that it would have thrown a large wrench into their spending plans. A “crisis” in which there was NO meaningful opposition.

The Glory Of Crisis Management

So, how did this august group of “legislators” screw us this time around? By using one of their favorite tricks – delaying and neglecting simple legislation until the subject of said legislation approaches what they can term a “crisis”.

Whenever a “crisis” looms, whether it be real or imagined, We-The-Sheeple will not just condone but actually support legislation which, in calmer, non-crisis times, would have been carefully studied and probably rejected out of hand. Instead, we were just blessed with a 150 page “crisis avoidance” bill that few “legislators” had time to read, much less understand (even if they had been so inclined, which most of them were not). This bill, among other insults, raises tax revenue ~ $41 for every supposed $1 in spending cuts. As usual, the taxes are real and immediate while the spending cuts are theoretical and will, in all probability, never actually occur. Even more insulting, the bill contains manifold handouts to special interests (including “green” energy) that would swallow any actual spending cuts in any case. Ergo, the bottom line is more taxes and more spending. But, can we expect anything else?

Indeed, why should we expect anything else? The Real Clear Politics poll repeatedly suggests our legislators enjoy a job approval rate of < 20%. Of course, this is absolute baloney. The only poll that counts, that one held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November says that our legislators actually enjoy a job approval rate above 90% – that being the percentage of incumbent candidates who are re-elected. Over and over until one wants to vomit in disgust.

The “Gone Old Party”

The stinking carcass that remains of what was once the Republican Party just re-affirmed its demise by re-electing the least effective GOP Speaker of the House in GOP history. By any measure, John Boehner is nothing better than a lying sellout artist whose only concern is for his own continuance in power. For two years he has made that so abundantly clear that such a conclusion is inescapable. Yet, the sniveling cowards around him put him back in office for at least two more years. And, you can be sure the sellouts will continue unabated.

The Party Is About Over

I offer the above as additional evidence to support my analysis that the America we have known and loved will soon be no more (if, indeed, it still exists even today). Anyone who bothers to take even a shallow look into our national situation knows that we are on an unsustainable course. At the same time, we continue to elect and re-elect people who absolutely refuse to consider any other course. How can this combination lead to anything but our national demise?

There Is Another Party

There is a potential opposition party – the Libertarians. While our platforms are well short of perfect, they are in line with our Constitution and they do support the intents of our Founders. I have commented in several articles in this Blog on the Libertarian Party and whether its prospects are better: 1) By continuing to try to become a major party in its own right and under its current name, or, 2) By taking control of the now defunct Republican Party, or, 3) Whether it has any prospects at all. I favor number 2 because, in so doing, we Libertarians inherit immediate access to all the levers of power. Whether America has the time left for any approach to work is anyone's guess – my own guess being NO.

It did not have to end this way. All that was lacking was the rational involvement of the American People in the conduct of their government. Was that really asking too much? Were the blessings of Liberty and Prosperity not worth the effort? Or, are you foolish enough to think that these will continue no matter the condition of your government?

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

3 Responses to “We Need A Two-Party System”

  • daedalus says:

    So Troy, how are we to engineer this takeover.
    It probably has to start at the local level. The folks who run things at the local level are not always evident to people outside the “clan.” The left has made great progress in usurping the power of the old party Democrats. Do they have an “how to” manual we could use. 🙂

    • Troy says:

      IMHO, the Libertarian takeover of the late GOP would be best done from within the Libertarian Party. In fact, I have suggested this to previous LP leadership. Of course, they ignored me even more effectively than most readers of this blog. Another course would be to try to influence via Libertarian think tanks such as the Reason Foundation and/or the CATO Institute. I am also working on this — mostly by chatting up folks from the Reason Foundation on their annual cruise/seminar. Lack of $$ limits my efforts though.


  • daedalus says:

    Always the same story with political parties. More dollars needed to make the world safe. The fact that George Soros funds the ideological left is in no small part responsible for the decline of the Democrats (ideologically that is). Rockefeller money has sabotaged the Republicans for years. You need a libertarian billionaire to cozy up to Troy. 🙂

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