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…That message is right in line with the 2012 Democratic National Platform. Here’s one of the first paragraphs from the 40-page document.

The Republican Party has turned its back on the middle class Americans who built this country.

OK guys, make up your minds… did we-the-sheeple build anything or not? When the Obamanation said “you did not build that”, exactly who was the YOU he was speaking to? I rather assumed it was all of us. Now, with this more recent statement, I am confused.

Would whoever actually built something please stand up and be counted?


5 Responses to “Middle Class vs. the 1%: It’s About to Get Really Ugly”

  • Dave Shea says:

    I always think the people talking about the 99% vs the 1% forget that they are part of the 3% this country represents vs the 97% of the rest of the people on the planet. Why do people keep trying to come here? There’s a reason. The whole who built it BS is ridiculous, a very prosperous country (due to a relatively free market) that had surplus funds available built it, much of it managed via government but if the PEOPLE weren’t prosperous there never would have been the ability or desire to BUILD the things that government oversaw. There’s no chicken & egg question here. People ALLOWED the government to build things, now the government thinks it owns them. my 2 cents.

    • Troy says:

      Mr. Shea,
      Your “two cents worth” was worth far more than two cents. Thanks for your input.

      There is, however, a “chicken & egg” question here that many people misunderstand. Most folks are certain that freedom leads to prosperity — and, on some level that is true. The far bigger truth is that prosperity leads to freedom. This is the reason that most tyrants intentionally keep their people in some state of economic distress.

      It is also the reason why economic sanctions against tyrannical nations always fail. If you want to disrupt tyranny, open all the free trade channels you can then watch the combination of improved prosperity and American culture do their magic.

      I am absolutely convinced that, had we dropped economic sanctions against Cuba 50 years ago, the Castro brothers would have been booted out 45 years ago. Likewise, I think that free trade with Iran would be far more effective than all the phoney economic sanctions in the world.

      Thanks again for responding.


      • Dave Shea says:

        That’s a good point. I read somewhere that the “Colonies” were actually pretty well off which allowed them to step up and demand freedom.

        • Troy says:

          Right. There is also another wrinkle to the historical revolutions that were demands for freedom… they were rarely grassroots movements. Instead, most were instigated by the more prosperous folk, who were able to convince sufficient of their less fortunate fellow citizens to join in.

          For instance, our own Founders were mostly very well educated, very prosperous people. And, despite the nobility of their cause and the obvious truth contained in the founding documents, the revolution was anything but universally popular. Some historians estimate that fully half of the colonists preferred to stay with the crown.

          When you think about it, the average colonial farmer or merchant had neither the time nor the education to create a Declaration of Independence or a Constitution. The Founders did not simply sit around a table in Philadelphia and make all that stuff up from scratch. Instead, they drew heavily on many works, from that of the classic Greeks up to the likes of Charles de Montesquieu and John Locke. While the average colonist was probably more literate than today’s average American, few of them had the sort of classical education required to even know of those writers from the past, much less to fully understand their writings.

          Thanks again for joining the conversation.


  • Troy says:

    This ‘who built what” BS is just another front in the “divide and conquer” campaign being conducted by the Obama regime.

    It would do our people well to remember the words of Abraham Lincoln:

    A house divided against itself cannot stand.

    It is my firm opinion that, not only does the regime know this, they are counting on it.


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