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I watched Arpio's news conference live on streaming video, and knew they had him dead to rights; but I still didn't believe the MSM would touch it.

Here is the Washington Times and Yahoo. They can't ignore it now! â—„Daveâ–º


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  • Troy says:

    I wish a few members of Congress were half as brave as Sheriff Joe!

    For some time, I suffered from the mistaken belief that the GOP Congressional leadership simply lacked testicles. I now understand that they do have them. The problem is that they have their tails tucked so tightly between their legs that the blood flow to their testicles has been shut off.


  • Troy says:

    BTW, The “rating” thingie is no longer working for me. I tried to give this article 5 stars but I click and nothing happens.


  • For those who did not watch the news conference, there was much more revealed than the AP story that is being repeated everywhere mentions. Essentially, a Hawaii birth certificate by itself is rather worthless for proving one was born in America. Without other supporting documents, such as hospital records, even if the BC was 100% legit, it could have been acquired by his grandparents ‘reporting’ the birth, anywhere in the world, by their daughter as a legal resident of Hawaii at the time.

    That is the basis of Arpaio’s call for a Congressional investigation as a national security matter, not BHO’s BC itself. This is not clear from the reporting I have seen. What is exciting, however, is to see reporting at all on the subject. 😀 â—„Daveâ–º

  • Greg says:

    Two questions, from an objectivist standpoint (this is meant to foster discussion, not outrage… I hope :P) :
    1) Assuming the birth certificate is fake, given that it is a virtual copy, is there any way to prove that it is indeed fake? In other words, I don’t think Hawaii has a had copy archive anywhere?

    2) If you assume for a moment that he is, as you say he is, a Progressive… would any other Progressive president have done anything differently that he has? If not, or even if so, wouldn’t a different Progressive president, doing the exact same things Obama has done, be threat to national security? (I’m trying to word this right, but words are failing me 🙁 )

    • Greg says:

      Also, from a literal standpoint:
      African… is that even a race? Isn’t it “Black” or some sciencey-sounding term, like “Caucasian” (except for black people?) ???

    • Hi, Greg. No outrage. 🙂

      1) Yes.Sheriff Arpaio has been asking Hawaii for access to the microfiche film that would have been taken for archive purposes years ago. Were they to provide such, one could easily see if the PDF file that Obama took personal ownership of matches the original. As his investigators proved, it could not because the penciled in coding on it, indicated that a couple of fields were blank (failed to state). I have intuitively known this for four years, because NOBODY used the term “African” for race back in 1961.

      2) He is more than a Progressive, he is an out and out Marxist. He was a member of the Marxist “New Party” when he first ran for State Senator. Just reading his book, he could not possibly get even a Confidential security clearance, were he not a politician. The national security issue suggested by Arpaio, however, was about the fact that one need not be born in Hawaii to obtain a Hawaii birth certificate. As long as a parent was a resident tax paying citizen of Hawaii, it does not matter where the birth occurred, they will issue a Hawaii BC. Arpaio’s investigation determined that this is regularly done to this day, and they have no mechanism for investigating the veracity of anyone claiming such status. This is a huge loophole in America’s immigration procedures, because anyone with a Hawaii BC, is assumed to be a citizen. â—„Daveâ–º

      • Greg says:

        1) Well put. But I’m still wondering if there is a “term” for Black like there is for white; they call it Caucasian. How would I even look that up?

        2) So you’re saying he’s saying that it’s more of a matter of principle for national security that not just “anyone” be allowed to say they were a U.S. Citizen from Hawaii. Okay, that makes more sense. I thought it more in the sense of “He’s a terrorist”–which, if he is, he’s been an abject failure on that part which is why the logic didn’t make sense. Thanks for clarifying 🙂

        Objective, not objectivist. My bad 😐

    • Troy says:

      Have you noticed that the Obama campaign theme this time is “Forward”?

      Do you further realize that “Forward” is the name of virtually all of the Marxist newspapers, pamphlets and other publications around the world?

      The point being that the Obama regime no longer even tries to hide who and what they are. Instead, they almost brag about it.


    • Troy says:

      Two questions, from an objectivist standpoint

      Are you indeed an Objectivist? (I mean this in the sense of the philosophy of Ayn Rand).


  • The plot thickens. This doctored photo is pretty obvious, when viewed critically. Whoever created Obama sure had some lousy help in the forgery department. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Greg says:

    Assuming this is the right guy, NPR sort of engaged in an ad hominem attack the day after:

    Also, this was the one the following day:

    Note what seems to be an extraordinary casting of doubt on him. I actually rather liked your story (regardless of whether I agree or not) because it enumerated his issues. 🙂

    • NPR sort of engaged in an ad hominem attack the day after:

      Precisely what one would expect from NPR, Greg. The second piece is the canned AP report, which ran the day before in news outlets all across the land. They thus felt compelled to run it themselves, even if a day late. Of course, it too had to mix in the side issues of Arizona’s immigration battles with the DOJ, to suggest partisan intrigue involved in his investigation of these forged documents.

      However, what I found most illuminating was this:

      Assuming this is the right guy…

      The sad truth is that, because of our choices of sources for news and current events, you and I live in two very different Americas. It seems inconceivable to me that someone with your mind, and the obvious interest in politics and current events displayed on your website, could not know who Joe Arpaio is. For ten years, Sheriff Joe, as he is affectionately known to millions of Americans, has been a veritable celebrity in Flyover Country.

      Go read his wiki page, and ask yourself how it is that you are just now learning of this extremely well-known personality. While there, do note his lifelong experience in law enforcement (most of it Federal), lest you get the notion that he is some two-bit hick sheriff playing out of his league. He understands his power as an elected sheriff, and is not in the least intimidated by Eric Holder or the rest of the Feds. â—„Daveâ–º

      • Troy says:

        Are you familiar with another (former) Arizona Sheriff named Richard Mack?

        I had the honor of introducing Sheriff Mack at a forum for candidates for our county’s office of sheriff. It was sponsored by our local TEA Party and J9 and I were privileged to be co-moderators of the event.


        • Wow! I am envious. Mack has been a hero of mine since back in the early ’90s. Before Joe, Mack was the best known and most popular sheriff in America. He taught others of the power of the office, and how Federal law enforcement officers couldn’t even make an arrest in his county, without his permission. Did you get video of the event? â—„Daveâ–º

      • Greg says:

        Keep in mind, it also has to do with one’s own personal interests. If I am not interested in some sheriff (as he is being presented) “going off the deep end,” I won’t follow that story. However, somehow I know more about Charlie Sheen’s personal life than Obama’s personal life–and I don’t even like to follow celebrities O.o

  • Troy says:

    Yes, I have a video of the speech he made. Supposedly, it is on YouTube. Here is a link to our TEA Party website.


    • Cool website, Troy. I was unable to find any link to the video there, so I did a search on YouTube. Again, I couldn’t find your organization’s event; but I did find and watch one of him speaking to a group in California, which was an excellent presentation. Were it not so long, I would implore Greg to go watch it for the lesson in Constitutional law, and the true nature of what our system of government was meant to be. â—„Daveâ–º

      • Greg says:

        I was looking for a good 10 minutes where you said I longed for the discussion of issues instead of attacks. And I can’t find it anywhere. Could you point me in the right direction? I put up a blog that features John McCain who said something that touched a cord in me, where I recognized a universal truth: stop ad hominem attacks.

        As for that video, I will definitely take a look when I get the chance. Job search has been making me very busy. And before you say that I had time to write a blog, I had the substance of it planned out and in my head already. All I needed was a quote from someone to make the entry. Took me 10 minutes :p

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