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I am submitting this new article to allow continuation of the comments under the Two Things That are Driving Me Crazy post below that are concerned with the Intent behind several acts of Congress including (but not limited to): The Civil Rights Act and/or any other law that seeks to change our citizen’s attitudes and non-violent behavior toward each other or toward any group they may identify with.

I will try to trigger further comment by repeating my earlier comment that the Civil Rights Act was wrong-headed, was partly unconstitutional, had unintended consequences as bad as any wrongs it sought to right, and that its passage by Congress was driven more by pandering for votes than by any general sympathy for the Black Community.

I justify this last claim by simply pointing to the condition of Black families in our inner cities who are being “helped” by government programs. I contend that these people are actually captured in a sort of intentional social-political slavery from which escape is nearly impossible because of its many self-defeating attributes.

Before the Civil War, a Black slave at least had some chance to sneak off the plantation and enter the so-called “Underground Railroad” which usually led to freedom. As well, many of the non-slave States had begun to nullify the Fugitive Slave Act.

With today’s government-induced slavery of dependency, where is the “railroad” that leads out? One obvious way is through education. However, in many places, a Black student who actually tries to get an education in those pits that are the inner city public schools, may well face more physical danger (from other Blacks) than that faced by a slave trying to leave a plantation.

Let the disagreement begin!

Troy L Robinson

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