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Dagny Taggart in a Stetson? Or, John Galt himself in drag? Either way, if she has a hidden gulch somewhere in those Colorado Rockies she calls home, I want in.


If you are not yet an Ann Barnhardt fan and regular reader of her blog, read her June 8th post and you likely will be. E.g. :


Obama during his press conference today stated “the private sector is doing fine.”


How could he say such a thing?


Well, I’ll explain it ONE MORE TIME, because people simply do not want to believe what has happened.


Barack Obama is a slack-jawed, mouth-breathing imbecile who doesn’t have the brains God gave a goldfish. He is also a hard-core drug user. He smokes weed in “Choom Wagon One” to “mellow” and smokes crack, and probably does cocaine when he needs to be “up” for campaign appearances. He has no idea what he is saying most of the time, and is so stupid that he lacks the self-awareness to know when he has said something monumentally stupid, such as we saw this morning. He is not smart, hence his complete inability to speak extemporaneously and his mere passing familiarity with the English language. He is in no way competent on any level, hence his staggering lack of command on any topic except sports involving big, sweaty mens. He is not actually engaged in any meaningful policy discussion or formation. Obama himself is a puppet front kept entertained with drugs, golf, and gay sex, and the golf may only be a cover for the gay sex. People who play golf with any frequency tend to develop something that resembles a golf SWING. Barack Obama can not swing a golf club competently despite playing more golf than the avid, semi-retired, country club golfers I know.


The people running the White House per se are Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama, who are themselves profoundly unintelligent people who are getting their material and marching orders from people like Soros, Maurice Strong, Leo Gerard, and maybe even Vladimir Putin and Beijing by extension – the global Communist leaders.


Obama is simply a complete idiot. Stop trying to push a square peg into a round hole. Stop trying to process this using the assumption that Obama is in any way intelligent. Face reality. He isn’t a Manchurian candidate. He isn’t brainwashed. You have to actually have a BRAIN in order to be brainwashed. Obama is a mentally defective, drug-addled, sodomite psychopath that a cadre of Communist oligarchs are using as a theatrical facade…


Treat yourself to the whole thing and bookmark her site: (June 8th ‘GAZPACHO’ entry – she doesn’t have permalinks)

Reading her perspective on the state of affairs in this country, particularly in the realm of economics, is one of my most enjoyable indulgences. â—„Daveâ–º


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