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High technology is such a great thing. For instance, because we have an automated DVR attached to our DirecTV system, we can keep a backlog of recorded programs to watch when there in nothing worth watching in real time.

Last evening was just such a time – when the government used its regulating authority to intimidate all commercial broadcast TV networks to cover the so-called “State Of The Union” address.

I realize that our Constitution does task our President with reporting his/her view of the state of the nation to Congress each year. But, the Constitution says nothing about extorting commercial air time (obviously since such did not exist at the time the Constitution was written). Even more significant, it also says nothing about the report being delivered in person as part of a ceremony that has come to imitate an imperial progress.

Indeed, Thomas Jefferson delivered his annual reports by letter, with no ill effects aside from a missed opportunity for self-aggrandizement.

Were I constitutionally tasked with delivering a “State Of The Union” report, I could do so in one sentence: Disastrous and deteriorating! But, I digress.

While I did not watch even a second of the national circus last evening, I think I can, nevertheless, tell you exactly what transpired:

It started with an elaborate introduction of the would-be dictator, followed by an imperial progress down the aisle of the House Chambers with frequent stops to cast his countenance upon favored lackeys.

Next, an ascendency to the elevated podium amid totally phoney cheers and extended applause. After which, his excellency made a prolonged acknowledgment of those present, taking special care to notice those “guests” whose presence was purely political and totally unrelated to the state of the nation.

After another extended period of insincere applause, his excellency delivered a campaign speech which, again, was purely political and totally unrelated to the state of the nation. In this speech, his excellency made false claims about past accomplishments, blamed anything that may have come in below expectations on events or persons outside his control, then preceded to make a number of exceptionally dishonest and highly improbable promises for the coming year. Of course, the dysfunctional lackeys present in the hall applauded exuberantly and/or gave standing ovations at the points indicated in their copies of the script.

I could have written this same description about most every “State Of The Union” address of the modern era. Yet, millions of WTS dutifully sit before our TVs year after year and gobble up this crap like it was ambrosia while various network talking heads tell us what we are to actually think as we try to digest our belly full of bunk.

Why is it that, in all my years of following the deterioration of our system of government, I have not heard one single member of government come before WTS and seriously suggest that this annual insult to our Constitution be discontinued? Why has no political action group – say the TEA Party – made a similar suggestion?

I realize that the time and expense of holding this annual circus is a drop in the bucket when compared to other government waste and abuse of power. Yet, I submit that it has a very powerful symbolic effect – an effect that is a very real part of what is wrong with this imperialistic, overreaching, unconstitutional imposter that our federal government has become.

Therefore, let me be the first to suggest (demand?) that, in the future, our president merely post a simple report on a government web site, honestly appraising his/her view of the state of our nation along with a few simple suggestions for improving it.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

PS: If any of the above did not apply to last evening’s performance, please respond and let me know.

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