PostHeaderIcon Don’t They Know It’s The End Of The World?

We are just back from a road trip to the East Coast (sans RV). Being the type that never met a stranger, I am prone to strike up conversations with any and all who will tolerate me. I never cease to marvel over how much insight one can gain simply by talking to folks.

Among other things I learned this trip is that many people are convinced the world will end on December 21, 2012. Now I grant you, this is an auspicious day – because, it will (would?) be my 70th birthday. But, while I have never doubted my significance, I really never expected this spectacular a sendoff.

It seems that the day in question is also the end of THE (A?) Mayan calendar. It seems that the Mayans knew all there was to know about calendars and dates so there must be something to this. (Hmmm – weren’t these the same people whose kings held ceremonies where, among other bizarre activities, they poked sharp things through their genitalia to promote blood letting? Weren’t these the same people who sacrificed (as in KILLED) members of the losing teams in their ball tournaments? Certainly a civilization of virtual Einsteins!)

At any rate, if this is true, I can’t say I am actually looking forward to it, birthday or not.

Such beliefs seem very strange to those of us who try to rely on reason as our method of navigating our ways through life. But, is it really so very strange in a land where a majority of the people believe that a virgin human woman was impregnated by a supernatural spirit and delivered a son who was part human and part something that cannot exist? And who, by the way, resurrected (brought back to life) not just himself but also others who had been “dead” long enough for their bodies to begin the putrefaction process.

Stranger still, I was just reading that there are among us, people who honestly believe that the point to their existence on this Earth is to strive to be what their god expects them to be, even though that very same god has already decided every action they will take in their lives.

Please re-read the sentence above until you clearly grasp the irrationality inherent in it.

As usual, in my interaction with the masses (messes?), I continue to be amazed at how very little one needs to understand in order to enjoy a life of leisure and material wealth in this land of ours. And, even more amazed at how little we grasp how and why this came to be.

At any rate, the great feasting season is upon us. Whether you celebrate the birth of a ½ human that your ancestors will eventually torture to death, the return of the sun, after 6 months of retreat, or simply the joy of being alive, please do celebrate it for all you are worth. After all, if those Mayan prick pricking head loppers knew anything, this will be your last chance.

Think about it. Then be happy.

Troy L Robinson

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