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I’ve been thinking… How many watched the one-on-one TEA Party debate, between Newt and Cain? To me, their good-natured discussion was a very enjoyable experience; and it struck me at the time that they would make a great ticket. It was cool the way they teased that very idea. When introduced, they posed for the cameras in the classic embrace, each with their free arm in the air, and Newt commented that someone had said they could be the ticket, they just hadn’t decided yet who was to be at the top. Then, at the end, Cain had the best line of the night, when he asked Newt what he would wish to tackle as his first project, if offered the VP position. Great theater. 

It occurs to me that they could take that show on the road immediately, and knock Romney out of the race early. What would happen if they announced a winner-take-all agreement, whereby they were offering themselves as a ticket, each agreeing ahead of time, to accept the VP nomination, if the other won the Primary. Then, they could campaign together as a team, by holding lots of similar Lincoln/Douglas debates that were more or less choreographed. The ostensible purpose being, to help the Primary voters to choose which one they wanted on the top of the ticket. I suspect the good-natured camaraderie between them on the Primary stumps, would be a real crowd pleaser.

Thoughts? Would such a move make you more or less likely to vote for either one of them? Would it put you off to the point where you would vote for Romney or Paul to stop them? Which one would you prefer on top? Why?  â—„Daveâ–º 

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  • Trial says:

    Newt/Cain 2012?

    Eh, it’s okay I suppose. I’m still hoping for a Paul and Napolitano ticket though. Or maybe Chuck Norris as the VP candidate!
    After all,
    “When Chuck Norris gets scared, he calls Ron Paul.”

    • A bit late now, anyway (Cain just suspended his campaign). 😉

      I like Paul a lot; but not for POTUS. Too naive on foreign affairs. I’d vote for the Judge, however, for Emperor of the World! He truly gets it. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Troy says:

    It seem to me that, to assume Dr. Paul is naive about foreign policy is to agree that all these foreign adventures are in the best interest of the future of America.

    I believe Dr. Paul favors a very powerful deterrent force, as do I. But, such a force should be used (only) to defend our nation, not for constantly sticking our nose where it does not belong. If other nations are too stupid to govern themselves, let them suffer the consequences — without our spending blood and treasure in some hopeless cause. As for the notion that such nations will ally themselves with some opposing empire if we don’t court them — this is true. And, it will always be to the detriment of those opposing empires to take them on.

    If you want serious change — the kind of change that might turn us away from the precipice we seem determined to go over, then you must support someone who is not part of the status quo, business as usual, political establishment. Robamaney, Gingrich and Perry are all BAU people. Yes, each promises some inconsequential meddling around the fringes, but none would take serious action such as ending the FED, closing multiple departments of the federal government, getting us out of the UN, stabilizing our currency, or making the slightest dent in the crony capitalist den of thieves. Without such changes, our haste toward destruction continues unabated.

    We are traveling at the moment but I am working on an article on the “establishment” that I intend to post later in the week.


    • I understand and generally agree with what you are saying, Troy; but I saw Paul asked what he thought of Iran getting a nuke. He asked what business is it of ours, if we can have them, who are we to say they can’t. If that isn’t naive, I don’t know what would be. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Pierre says:

    I agree with Troy. The only person willing to shake things up a little bit in Washington and to actually make some real change we can believe in is Dr. Ron Paul. Anyone else who is voted in to office or reelected will continue the death spiral America is currently in. Red or Blue Dem or Rep it no longer matters. They are just left or right of the same disgusting backroom deals to line their own pockets. Look at the insider trading (for which they are not legally liable) Congress and the House take part in. Look at the blatant lies they dole out to “we the people”, look at the complete waste of time and space they spend in session. These people together can’t even balance a checkbook nor mange their personal affairs and we expect them to get in to office and serve us?
    Anyone can see that a person who pays 10 times and/or many more times that, to get elected to a job which pays so little in comparison but somehow usually leave office many times wealthier then they took office and much more then they earned in office, would have to deduce something else is going on.

    At least they should have to dress like Race Car drivers, then the rest of us could see just who is sponsoring them!

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