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In many of the articles I have contributed to this blog, I have been sharply critical of President Obama – for the simple reason that he deserves it. That said, if one wanted to very precisely place the major blame for the downfall of our republic, one need look no further that that bunch of con artists we call a CONgress.

For example, as I write this, the so-called “Super Committee” is looking for a way to “cut” $1.5 trillion in spending over the next 10 years. Spelled out the long way, this figure is $1500,000,000,000. For each of the 10 years, the “cuts” would then be $150,000,000,000. Or, $150 billion per year.

So, a federal government that currently spends over $3.5 trillion per year proposes to slash its spending by a whooping 4.28%, based on approximate 2011 spending. And, if this is not insult enough, the so-called “cuts” are actually a reduction in the planned increase in real spending. In other words, they propose to very slightly “cut” the projected growth in spending such that “real” spending will actually continue to increase each year.

If any private business in the United States tried to pull off an accounting “con” (fraud) like this, our elected con artists would hold hearings insisting the guilty be carted off to the pen. But, our guys are such good con artists that they have insulated themselves from the rules they would impose on others.

Another good example surfaced in the last few days. It seems that Nancy Pelosi, recently Speaker of the House of Representatives, made a bundle on an IPO (Initial Public Offering) using insider information and insider access. Just a few weeks ago, fund manager Raj Rajaratnam was sentenced to 11 years in prison for doing much the same thing that Pelosi did, the main difference being that Mr. Rajaratnam was making money for his investors while Pelosi made only personal gains. But, once again, CONgress made itself exempt from the insider trading rules that the rest of are expected to live by.

I could easily offer additional examples but I think you get the picture. I am well beyond being shocked or even surprised by any of this. What I don’t understand is why We The Sheeple let them continue to get by with this. CONgress has a national approval rating somewhat below that of sexual offenders and murderers, yet, we continue to re-elect them at an over 90% rate. Are we insane? If not, what other explanation can one offer?

Could it possibly be that, for the most part, the obvious corruption in our CONgress reflects the corruption of the general public? Could it be that a majority of voters actually think they are getting some share of “the take”?

IMHO, the actual answer is a combination of the two. If not outright insanity, then an astounding level of ignorance coupled with rampant greed. My friends, these are not the attributes of a great people in a great nation. Instead, they are the attributes of a dying nation. And, I fear there are simply too few decent citizens left to give the nation the first aid it so desperately needs.

In the ongoing circus called the GOP presidential primaries, the new front-runner, Newt Gingrich, is a political hack who had to resign from the 2nd most powerful position in the federal government and who, it has just been revealed, took around $1.5 in consulting fees from Freddy Mac over the past 10 years or so. Man, that must have been some powerful advice he gave them! (I wonder if they could demand a refund?)

Still hanging in there and flip-flopping between first, second and third place is Mr. Excitement, Mitt Robamany, whose main attribute seems to be that he is too dull to have attracted much dirt.

The media seem to be effective in eliminating the few who might actually bring meaningful change into government and the GOP establishment are helping them do the job.

Yet all is not lost. It is still legal to flee this country and I fervently urge all of middle age and below to seriously consider doing so. Especially those who have the education and skills needed to prosper in a free economy.

For the rest of us, I can offer only sympathy – and, the observation that most of us are getting exactly what we asked for.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

3 Responses to “CONgress Is At It Again (Still)”

  • the so-called “cuts” are actually a reduction in the planned increase in real spending.

    Yes and the Democrats want to consider the money “saved” from cutting back in the war, but then spending it on one of their favorite programs.

  • I agree. If you are young enough, bail! This used to be the land of the free and the home of the brave; but at this point there are many places in the world where one can live a freer life. Just imagine being free to ride a bike or motorcycle without a helmet, drive a car without a seat-belt, and light a cigarette any damn place you like! Imagine being free to buy any kind of light bulb you choose, make repairs to your home without a government permit, and open a lemonade stand without a government license.

    Go a little easier on Newt. Surveying the field of the four still possible winners, I have concluded I must forgive him his past transgressions, and hope he emerges victorious. More on that later; but you can get a sneak peak here: â—„Daveâ–º

  • Sliloh says:

    We don’t do anything about it because there is no one to vote for that’s anything different. And when we have a potential presidential candidate who is different everyone calls him a crazy freak and says he’s too far out there and unelectable (and I’m nuts for supporting him). I’m not young but I’d like to bail. Power does corrupt, those tacky politicians seem to breed like rabbits.

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