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One cannot visit any kind of media without being blasted with rumors that GOP front-runner Herman Cain is a dirty old man.

Maybe so, maybe not.

My first question is why so many of us pay attention to this crap. Now, don’t misunderstand me – actual sexual harassment is a serious thing that should not be tolerated in the workplace regardless of the gender of those involved. But, it has been my observation that true sexual harassment rarely leads to some manner of secret “agreement” between the parties that leaves the offender in place and untouched. And, that is as it should be.

Were we ever to grow up as a nation, we might begin to realize that, lacking open and egregious acts of harassment, much of what goes on in the workplace (and everyplace) is the normal sexual tension that exists everywhere in nature where potential mates are present. Nature designed us this way to ensure the perpetuation of the species.

Next, we must realize that some women are naturally attracted to powerful men. This is a deep-seated instinctual holdover from earlier times when women were quite dependent on men to protect them and provide for them.

We must further realize that, in our current atmosphere of extreme political correctness, an “offense” is whatever the “offended” says that it is. Thus, many words or gestures that are meant only to be friendly or humorous are taken otherwise by those who constantly seek some manner of offense to complain about. I offer the almost universal habit of waitresses in the deep South calling their customers “hon”. Do any of us actually think they are coming on to us when they say that? Hardly.

There is another aspect of the attacks on Herman Cain that raises real questions. I was born in 1942, during the presidency of FDR. Within my lifetime, I recall only 3 Democrat presidents who were not notorious womanizers (Truman, Carter and Obama – and even Carter admits to being a closet Lothario). The others (FDR, JFK, LBJ and Clinton) ranged from insatiable (JFK) to possible rapist (Clinton). Yet, the media for some reason seemed amazingly uninterested in their activities. Even when one of them (JFK) was sharing a mistress with a Mafia Don (Sam Giancanno). Worse yet, when another of them (Clinton) was publicly accused of rape. (I realize that the Lewinsky affair was big news but it was at the urging of the Clinton White House – to crowd out the details of his trading military secrets to the Chinese in return for campaign money – and the media acted more as his partner than his accuser.)

Why then is Mr. Cain’s alleged harassment so very horrible while the Democrat sexual predators are still greatly admired? (Also, why are only Democrat presidents commonly known by their initials? But, I digress.)

Clearly, this circus actually has nothing to do with Mr. Cain’s sex life, real or imagined, and has everything to do with attempting to destroy his chances of gaining the GOP nomination. This brings us to the real question: who is behind this?

→ Could it be a “black” president who fears running against a true black man in the general election?

→ Could it be the GOP “establishment” who insist that only one of their own has a right to be president?

→ Could it simply be a corrupt public media who think they and they alone are qualified to choose the nominees?

While I admire Mr. Cain, he is not my first choice among the current contenders for the GOP nomination. But, whoever is chosen should be chosen by the merits of their positions and proposals and not by whoever comes out least stained in a mud-slinging contest. We have only to reconsider our last 3 presidents to realize what such a process is doing to the nation.

Do not misunderstand – when you allow your decision making process to be swayed by this crap, you have become part of the problem.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

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  • Very well said, Troy. Cain would not be my first choice either; but at this point nothing would please me more than to see him survive this assault and get the GOP nomination (and make Newt his VP). Just the idea of taking the race card off the table in the General election, with a genuine black man running against the half-black incumbent, would be marvelous. Then, if the Dems tried to continue to smear him with sexual innuendo, we could force the media to address all the evidence of Obama’s bi-sexual past. Perhaps it is her masculinity; but Michelle appears to be the only woman the Obamunist has ever even flirted with, much less dated. Some say she is just his ‘beard.’ â—„Daveâ–º

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