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For anyone who has not yet converted their excess cash into real money, this would be a fine day to do so. I cut up all my credit cards thirty years ago; but if I had any, I wouldn’t hesitate to go max them out in the coin store today. â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Trial says:

    I’ve been wondering for a while now:

    Would it be better to buy seeds than gold? After all, when the CHTF, will people even care about gold? Won’t people be more concerned about where they’re going to get their next meal?

    • Actually, gold only makes sense for significant quantities of savings in a SHTF scenario. Before buying gold, one must invest in non-perishable food, water, fuel, and amunition first. Then, buy a bag of ‘junk silver’ for ready spending money; because most sellers won’t be able to make change for an ounce of gold. I would recommend a quantity of silver rounds too, before the gold, for the same reason. However, at some point, too much silver becomes a problem for mobility and safe storage (hiding) places. This is where the advantage of greater value for the same weight of gold over silver comes into play.

      If one is ruthless enough to somehow survive the first few months, heirloom seeds will be valuable as barter items; but so will bullets and canned tunna. Don’t even think of ‘heading for the hills.’ They will be crawling with paranoid nuts who ARE ruthless, who will kill you just for whatever food, ammo, or booty you might possess. If one is not part of a community striving for mutual survival, one is likely to be put out of one’s misery rather early on.

      • Trial says:

        “If one is not part of a community striving for mutual survival, one is likely to be put out of one’s misery rather early on.”

        Yes; I will probably die early on =(

      • Me too. I have no problem whatever being ruthless; but I am now a hermit and not as spry and nimble as I once was. As my basic training drill instructors seared into our minds, there are two types of warriors: the quick and the dead. Oh well, I have already survived a lot longer than I ever expected to, and lived a full, rich, and interesting life. 🙂

  • Daedalus says:

    I am still somewhat concerned that gold is overvalued in terms of dollars. One should have some gold in their port folio, but that should have happened long ago for most of us. I am a little wary of its run up over the last few years.

  • Dan says:

    Dave,I’d really like to hear your thoughts regarding that wanna-be tyrant from NC musing about how she would like to suspend elections.Seems to me the time to dust off The Declaration of Independence and call muster draws near.

    • Sorry for the delay, Dan. I agree with your concern. Did you hear Rush’s remarks on it?

      I have been predicting for some time that if they decide their voter fraud machine is insufficient to overcome our desire to oust him, a false flag incident to justify martial law and the suspension of elections is a serious possibility. Read my ‘Gun Collecting’ essay, and at the first sign of such a move, be prepared to do the needful…

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