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This has to be the most brilliant Machiavellian strategy I have ever encountered. I so want to discover that it is her idea, which she is floating through Joseph Farah, the editor of World Net Daily:

If Sarah Palin ran as a Republican candidate in a crowded field, she might win. Then again, she might not. She would be a late entry. Much of the big money needed to win is already committed. She would add some excitement to the GOP race, but she might not stand out all that much.

Only one Republican is going to get to face off with Barack Obama in 2012, and I can hardly count the number of contenders for that opportunity right now. She’d be a frontrunner for sure, but her tea-party base is already eyeing other candidates.

However, there is something Sarah Palin could do right now that would be truly radical – and, at the very least, bloody Barack Obama so badly he wouldn’t have a hope of beating the Republican nominee.

What’s that?

Brace yourself for a crazy idea.

Sarah Palin should reregister as a Democrat and announce her intention of seeking the Democratic Party nomination in 2012 over Barack Obama!

Go read the the whole article and then add the following data to your thoughts about it:

We have tried to rehabilitate the Republican Party; but frankly they are not listening to us. Before we give up and start a new Party, why not take a shot at taking the Democrat Party away from the Marxists?

For all the demonization of Sarah by the Left, she actually has a whole lot of street cred with their base membership:

  • She is a woman.
  • She is a working mom.
  • She has a ‘disadvantaged’ child
  • She has broken through glass ceilings all the way from the school board to Governor to VP candidate.
  • Her husband is a Native American.
  • Her husband is a working stiff union member
  • She was a union member, and has spoken to them as ‘brothers and sisters.’
  • Her parents were school teachers and union members.
  • She would have the rank and file hardhats eating out of her hand.
  • Hispanic men and women alike appreciate hot spirited women.
  • So do blacks, for that matter.
  • She rails against ‘crony capitalism.’
  • She has a record of fighting high level corruption among the ‘fat cats.’
  • Oil aside, she has a good record of stewardship over Alaska’s environment.
  • Although a Christian, she has never pandered to the fundamentalists, or worn her piety on her sleeve.

I would register as a Democrat to vote for her in the Primary in a heartbeat. I suspect most TEA Party types would too, if only to screwup Obama’s agenda. In my case, if she won the Primary, and faced Romney in the General, I would vote for her there too. From my vantage point, she is the only one I have seen with the requisite balls, to do what needs to be done to save my country; and I would love to see her in the WH, whatever train she has to ride to get there. â—„Daveâ–º

12 Responses to “Palin v. Obama? You Betcha!”

  • Trial says:

    There is only one candidate I’m willing to vote for at this point in time:
    Ron Paul.

    If Sarah Palin puts her hat into the race, I may have to reconsider things. We shall see.

    (I think Chester will only be on for “birther” related discussions; his name is too long to type.)

  • Novel idea and yes, Ron Paul. Rand would do fine, also.

  • Living in California, voting in either of the Incumbrepublocrat Primaries is usually pretty much a waste of time, unless one can screw with the Dems by voting for their least viable candidate, but that requires the hassle of reregistering as a Democrat. I am a registered Libertarian, although I am not, and don’t wish to be, an official member of that dysfunctional squabbling herd of malcontents. I do usually vote for a Libertarian candidate in most elections, just to help them maintain the numbers required for ballot access. Voting for the Republican in the General here is a waste of a vote, because the Dem is always going to win.

    No matter how much I personally like Ron Paul, and enjoy his books, he hasn’t a prayer of winning the Rep nomination, with his hopelessly naïve foreign policy positions, so I will waste no votes on him.

    • Trial says:

      “No matter how much I personally like Ron Paul, and enjoy his books, he hasn’t a prayer of winning the Rep nomination, with his hopelessly naïve foreign policy positions, so I will waste no votes on him.”

      I respectfully disagree.

      Besides, do you think Sarah Palin could win against Obama if she won the Republican nomination? The media claims she wouldn’t stand a chance.

      Even though neither candidate can supposedly win, I am still going to vote for one of them (because I think they CAN win). Still, I think Ron Paul sees too many issues as black and white, but I don’t really care for any of the other candidates.

      You have me curious now, if Sarah Palin does not enter the race (as neither a Republican or Democrat) whom would you vote for?

      • In the Primary, probably Wayne Allen Root, who I presume will be one of the candidates for the Libertarian Party. None of the Republicans that seem to have a chance of winning the Republican Primary inspires me enough to reregister as a Republican just to vote for them. By the time the CA Primary rolls around, the final results will probably already be known anyway, and despite your belief otherwise, Ron Paul won’t even be close to the front runner.

        In the General, probably again the winner of the Libertarian Primary; because it will be unlikely that whichever RINO the Republicans nominate (Romney or Perry), will have much of a shot at beating Obama in CA. If that were to change, and the Republican had a decent shot at our electoral votes, I might hold my nose and vote for the lessor of two evil Progressives yet again, but I doubt it. In any case, the suggestion that the vote of a conservative in California having the slightest chance of effecting the final outcome of the election for POTUS is nearly preposterous.

      • Trial says:

        Oh! You’re registered as a libertarian and live in California! After your explanation, I now have a better understanding of where you’re coming from.

      • Troy says:

        Don’t give up on Ron Paul too quickly. He is running 3rd is the polls now and it is very likely that Romney and Perry will severely damage each other in the months to come.

        As for Sarah Palin — at this point, she has become a distraction. She should shut it down for now and let the process run its course. Dave, I suggest you go have an affair with Sarah and calm your passions for her the old fashioned way.

        As for the GOP — it is in its death throes now. The Libertarian element should begin to dominate after this next election — by assuming more of the leadership roles to fill the obvious leadership vacuum that exists now. Our prospects of taking over the Jackass party are nill. Plus, never forget the warning about what happens when you lie down with jackasses (or was that dogs? swine??).


      • Trial says:

        The “GOP” isn’t really the “GOP” anymore. It’s more like “Democratic party lite.” A lot of libertarian philosophies and policies actually deal with TRUE conservatism.

        As for Sarah Palin…I’m really conflicted. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how things go.


        Dave lusts for Sarah Palin!? I had no idea. I figured that was just a pistol in his pocket.

      • No, it is my tongue in my cheek. 🙂

        Any woman who can hang out of a helicopter with a high-powered rifle to thin a pack of wolves is HOT!

  • Trial says:

    Interview with Sarah Palin today:

    “You do, I mean legally you do,” she said. “But I do think Sean, this is going to be such an unconventional election cycle. … Mark my word, it is going to be an unconventional type of election process.”

  • Daedalus says:

    I don’t see a single candidate who looks presidential to me, but I like some of the things that Herman Cain says. If O’Bama continues to screw up I think Hillary might enter the race, but she is no good either. Ron Paul is too old, un-inspirational, an isolationist, Anti abortion, he is dead in the water as a candidate. Perry & Romney are just not what Tea party people are looking for, one an illegal appeaser the other a closet progressive.
    I like Sarah too Dave, but I’m not comfortable with her international knowledge base, (which goes for all the other candidates as well). I am supremely tired of voting for the “lesser of two evils.” I suppose it is going to be anyone but O’Bama (unless Hillary runs). Then it is going to be anyone but Hillary.

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