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The article “Manhattan Lefties Talk Palin” is probably the most encouraging thing I have read this week:

Last week I attended a cocktail party on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. It’s an unfortunate part of [my] life every now and then…

….Palin came up quite a bit. What did some of Manhattan’s finest lefties have to say about her?

Here are the top five sentiments that were expressed throughout the two hours I lasted…:

5. SHE’S SCARY BECAUSE SHE’LL ACTUALLY DO WHAT SHE SAYS. That’s right, folks. They know she’s the real deal. They know that if she says it, she means it. And that scares the living daylights out of them.

4. SHE’S WAY TOO LIKABLE. They admittedly fell in love with Barack Obama’s charisma, and they know darn well that the only person in the GOP field who can match that—or, dare I say, surpass it—is Palin. P.S.—When someone brought up Mitt Romney, many found that awfully funny.

3. SHE’S NOT AFRAID TO SPEAK HER MIND. Palin’s fearlessness is what unnerves them the most. This group was all too excited for a “more subdued,” “less nervy” 2012 Republican alternative.

2. SHE’S “ANNOYINGLY REGULAR” AND PEOPLE LOVE IT. The fact that Palin would never fit in at their cocktail parties is a plus, and they know it.

1. SHE CAN WIN. “What do you think would’ve happened if Palin had been calling the shots in 2008?” I asked. One poor gentleman looked like he’d seen a ghost. “I think we could very well have had a President Palin,” he replied.

… [anti-Palin] talking points provided them with no comfort whatsoever.

It showed on their faces.

It showed in their voices.

And it showed in their panicked need to follow up so many of their statements with, “She could win. She could really win.” On that last point, I’d have to say I agree.

…that is assuming we are allowed to have an election, and the Republican establishment permits her to win the Primaries. It is short, read it all. â—„Daveâ–º

4 Responses to “Game On”

  • Blue says:

    I like Sarah Palin. I love that Lefties are terrified of her. If the Republicans really wanted change, really wanted to clean up the mess, they’d nominate her. That’s a no brainer. Problem is that the Republicans are terrified of her for the same reasons that the Liberals are…. She’ll do what she says she’ll do. She’s s true patriot. The Republicans want change about as much as the Democrats do, which is not at all. The “establishment” politicians from both parties are all the same. None of them give a tinker’s damn about us.

  • Problem is that the Republicans are terrified of her for the same reasons that the Liberals are…. She’ll do what she says she’ll do

    Same with Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann. We’ve got to go with those who won’t back down, win , lose or draw.

    • Agreed. I like them both and would have no problem voting for either; but Ron is so charasmatically challenged that he could never win the Primaries, much less the General. Bachmann might, but Palin’s political instincts and charisma are far superior. Like the author, I don’t buy the mantra that she couldn’t win because the elites detest her. I agree that had the ticket been reversed in ’08, she would now be President. So, if she throws her bonnet in the ring, I’ll support her all the way. If not, Bachmann is my 2nd choice unless someone else pops up. I haven’t decided what I think about Perry yet.

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