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As I write this, the House and Senate seem nearer to reaching a compromise on how best to sell out their constituents. To reiterate the lunacy that is causing this rush to ruin:

→ There is a drop-dead date of August 2 which, in reality, is totally arbitrary.

→ All of the media, including FOX News, constantly repeat the LIE that not raising the debt ceiling by the arbitrary August 2 date means instant default on our national debt.

→ Some of the debt rating houses are demanding a debt ceiling increase of AT LEAST $4 trillion or they will lower our debt rating from AAA to something lower, presumably AA. The consequence of this would be to raise the rate of interest we must pay when current debt is refinanced. Can you imagine the 3 credit rating agencies that rate personal credit telling a person who had maxed out all their credit cards that they could maintain a good credit rating by simply having the banks increase the credit limit on those cards? Hardly. This would be seen as the lunacy that it is.

→ Net, net, the compromise we see shaping up looks like about $3 trillion in additional debt in exchange for about $3 trillion in imaginary spending cuts that any sane person knows will never happen. Forget about any changes to the law or the Constitution that might impose future restraints. In other words, we seem headed for a “compromise” that continues business as usual. Is this what you folks were after when you voted for change in November 2010? I hardly think so.

→ The simple truth, which few in the government or the media will tell you (save Judge Napolitano and a few other libertarians) is that it is possible to use current government income to continue paying interest on the debt (thus avoiding default), to pay our military, to continue Social Security (which has its own funding stream and should never even have been part of the conversation), and to continue Medicare. Beyond doubt, refusing to raise the debt ceiling right now would cause some pain, the slowdown or temporary shutdown of some parts of the government, and would unnerve the financial markets for a time.

Please remember that 9/11 did exactly the same thing and that, after a few weeks, things were being sorted out and life was getting back toward normal, excepting the huge loss of personal liberty we allowed to happen “to protect us from future attack”.

In this light, can anyone explain to me how we ever stop this madness WITHOUT going through a period of dislocation and confusion, while the new reality gets implemented? I realize that many people fear the consequences of such change – but how can they not have an even greater fear of the inevitable collapse that will result if we continue business as usual?

Obviously, we the people have been disenfranchised (that is, our votes count for nothing). When a nation reaches this point, the people must take other approaches.

Once again, I recommend doing NOTHING:

→ Don’t work at a job – draw unemployment then switch to welfare when that runs out.

→ Refuse to pay any tax that you can avoid.

→ Stockpile what necessities (and guns/ammunition) you can afford then convert any remaining assets you have to precious metals (which you then hide as best you can).

→ Do anything you can to passively clog the workings of government – such as using your new-found free time to jam the halls of state and federal government facilities. Not carrying signs or shouting slogans – instead, simply getting in the way

Will some of us get arrested in the process? Most certainly ! Our ultimate protection will be to have so many people subject to arrest that the system cannot handle the load.

Would this action eventually bring the government to its knees? I certainly hope so. But, if violence is kept out of the formula as much as humanly possible, it should collapse with a minimum of death and destruction, leaving a nation that can be rebuilt very quickly.

Perhaps you have other, better ideas. If so, let us hear them. But do have ideas. Do be willing to try something. Because we all should know by now that we are headed directly toward a brutal dictatorship if we let events continue unabated. At the very least, we can die with honor rather than being slaughtered like sheep.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

10 Responses to “A Compromise Sellout”

  • Troy says:

    If you want a clear idea why the budget can’t be cut, simply watch this…


  • Excellent, Troy. Your 9/11 analogy was profound. Anyone not preparing for some serious pain in the very near future is either oblivious or fooling themselves. Your recommendations are spot on. Good luck to us all. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Daedalus says:

    On Social Security funding Troy, did not Obama cut out payroll taxes this year thus removing needed payout funds for SS. how much of the SS trust fund exists as available cash and is not loaned out to other departments of Government who cannot pay up without a debt ceiling increase. I don’t know the answer to this last, just wondering.

    • Troy says:

      He did that? When you no longer have a job, you don’t notice these things. Thanks for educating me.

      As for how much of the alleged SS “trust fund” exists, it is all Treasury Notes — which is another way of saying, congress misappropriated every last cent of it. But it went to a good “cause” — cause almost every one of the bastards responsible are still in congress.


      • Troy says:

        I have done some research and all I can find is that there was a temporary suspension of the employer share of SS taxes in 2010 that was supposed to make them want to hire employees they did not need.

        The articles I read left me to conclude that the taxes are back to monkey-business-as-usual.


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