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Most presidents of the modern era — excepting those few “accidental presidents” who came to office on the death of their predecessor – came with an agenda. Few achieved even a portion of their agenda. Even the now legendary Ronald Reagan failed to achieve his real agenda, which was to reduce the size and rate of growth of government. It is true that he left us more prosperous than he found us, but he certainly did not make a dent in the size or scope of the federal government.

Now, finally, we have a president who has implemented his agenda so effectively, and in such a short time, that it is astounding.

I speak, of course, of Barrack Hussein Obama Jr.

Before your jaws drop further, remember that I am talking about success in pursuit of an agenda and not about effectiveness in leading a great nation. Judged by the latter criteria, he is the most disgraceful failure in the history of the Republic.

Back to that agenda…

“Dreams From My Father”, was a pretend memoir, probably written for Obama by his buddy Bill Ayers. Except for having been ghostwritten, this book is, in effect, the Obama equivalent of Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Equivalent in the sense that both give insight into the author’s respective agendas.

We all know, of course, that Hitler wanted to create a German super race, seize resources and living room for them, and then to rid them of the Jews. We also all know the devastation caused when he actually got the power to pursue this madness.

In Obama’s case, he takes up the sword dropped by his father. Obama Sr. was an operative in Kenya’s ultimately successful attempt to throw off British rule. Like many of his kind, Obama Sr. thought the British deserved to be punished for their colonial ways. Obama Jr., while doing all he can to insult and snub our British ally, no doubt in memory of his father’s efforts, has transferred his anger, and the need to punish, to America (one can almost smell the Ayers influence here).

America (Britain once removed) MUST be punished for its manifold sins. For enslaving Africans, for its own form of colonialism, and, worst of all, for simply being wealthy. How dare any nation be wealthy so long as there is a single crap-hole dictatorship anywhere in the world whose people are destitute?

How best to punish America? Simple. Destroy its wealth, its evil, undeserved wealth. How is this best done? By destroying its economy.

There are many who think Obama is just a bumbling fool – and he may well be one. But, whatever else he is, he is president of the United States and, as such, has immediate access to the best minds in the world. So, even if Obama cannot correctly spell the words “business” or “economics”, he has ready access to multitudes who can.

No, my friends, what we are witnessing is no result of a well-meaning fool. It is the preplanned, intentional destruction of a nation’s economy. A destruction intended to bring that nation down to the state and status of a banana republic. And it is working. Remarkably, about 50% of our citizens seems to approve.

At last, a successful president.

Troy L Robinson

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  • Well stated, Troy. I don’t know how much credit he deserves for his achievement. His election was just a function of how long it took the Progressives to dumb us down enough to elect a stealth committed Marxist Prevaricator in Chief. Then, he pressed forward with a single-mindedness for his agenda. There were signs early on that he knew he would get only one term to do his dirty deed. I suspect the only reason he is even campaigning, is to delay the point at which it becomes obvious to all that he is a lame duck, and his political power evaporates. That may have just occurred…

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