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Have you ever felt like an arrogant cow, running around calling the stupid sheeple black, without noticing the bell around your own neck? Well, neither had I, until I watched the following video – twice – and seriously pondered its implications. It is the best case I have ever encountered for anarchy…

Do invest the time to watch the whole thing to the end. I guarantee it will cause you to think a bit…

Hell, at this point, I’d gladly settle for the Mafia. They don’t meddle in one’s personal life, allow a man to smoke and eat frenchfries if he wants, and do business without crippling regulations. They offer better protection than the cops, met out swift justice when necessary, and only take 10%. That sounds like a deal compared to our current government.

When one really ponders our totally out of control Federal government, it becomes more and more obvious that we are so far removed from the state of Liberty bequeathed to us by our Forefathers, that about the only way we could ever get back to it, would be a complete reboot of the system. That is not a comforting thought; but it sure seems like an inescapable one. â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Daedalus says:

    Dave, where did he advocate anarchy? I n fact what does he advocate.
    First as I have said before “anarchy” is not a form of government, it is a total lack of government.
    Our founders were familiar with the idea of anarchy, in fact the Federalist Papers laid out reasons for the presence of limited government. It was known Government is difficult to keep in check which was the reason for the separation of powers. The problem endemic from its start was real slavery, which they compromised about, and which persisted to become the root of our governments problems, its effects even felt today.
    In regards to the video I could take exception to almost everything he said. Including his shallow knowledge of history. Jumping to the Roman Empire without any acknowledgement of the Greek roots of the same and that the Empire was built on the ruins of the Republic.
    The only place he came even close to reality was when he indicated that liberty is based on the nature of man and that man is optimally productive in a free environment.
    The Mafia doesn’t interfere in ones personal life? Try dating a girl who is “protected” because she knows too much.
    The only way we can restore the Republic is by a restoration of personal morality. That can only be done by education. I wish Beck good luck, even though his approach to morality is flawed. He might hold the line while the rest of us try to undo the damage of 200 or so years moving, in some areas, in the wrong direction.

  • Troy says:

    While the narrator never came right out and said do, he made my case that only enlightenment — through real education — can save us.

    Having said that, I also realize that the majority of humans alive today are best off being “farmed” by a benevolent farmer because they lack the innate capacity to be free.

    Left free from the influence of what passes for government, people will naturally gravitate to systems where those capable of leadership will lead and the others will follow because they are incapable of doing otherwise.

    If we simply refrain from erecting unnatural barriers, such as rigid class systems, people of ability will rise toward the top, propelled there by that very ability.

    If anarchy means being more natural, them call me an anarchist.

    As for the concept of morality, its record is atrocious. Rationality trumps it at every turn. This is the great crime of religious belief… it encourages people to live in a world of illusion (i.e. ignore your current slavery — it will be so great in heaven that it will be worth it). A world based on illusion can NEVER be also a world of true individual freedom. Only reality offers that.


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