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As I sit here watching our pseudo-dictator continue his shameless display of self promotion after the assassination of bin Laden, I was struck with a thought…

Given that this whole unconstitutional performance has been a type of “wild west” style “justice”, why didn’t Obama have the foresight to have the Seals take bin Laden’s scalp so that he could wear it like a badge?

I am sickened by the sight of so many Americans cheering the fact that our pseudo-dictator has just demonstrated to the world his new authority to murder whoever he pleases, wherever he pleases, without even a nod to due process.  Do they not realize the implications of this power?  Don’t they understand that this authority can be used against their own families, indeed, against themselves?  All that has to happen is for the regime to declare them a threat of some kind.

What manner of sheep cheer the seeds of their own destruction?

We once lived by a set of constitutionally derived laws that were a reflection of our values and principles.  If we are to be a nation governed by laws rather than men, then those laws should ALWAYS apply, even to dirt bags like bin Laden.  As of the first “except for”, the covenant has been broken and we have become a nation ruled by men.  Can you be sure they are, and will always be, GOOD men?

Troy L Robinson

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  • Well said, Troy. I just read both posts and shouldn’t have been surprised that you are stewing over the same things I have been telling myself I need to write about. I am also disgusted at all of the lies they are telling to try to justify the assignation mission when there was almost no resistance. They are now having to admit that only one person in the compound ever fired a shot, and that was from an outlying building – not from the main building housing Bin Laden.

    Had they bombed the compound, or even taken him out with a sniper, one could understand a motive to get him before he moved again. Now we know that he has been there for five or six years and we have known that for sure since February. We had CIA agents living in the neighborhood and watching the place. Like you suggest, we could have informed the Pakis of our knowledge and told them to meet our agents at the front gate. That way, they couldn’t have warned him to escape.

    Had the mission been to try to capture him, take him to a black ops rendition site, and use “enhanced” interrogation techniques to get actionable intelligence; but had to kill him in self defense – that would have been at least understandable, if not legal. His 12-year-old daughter says he was captured alive for a few minutes, then shot in front of his family. It bothers me that I suspect she is telling the truth. I used to have tremendous respect for the Seals! They were there to kill him, and even when there was no armed resistance they just shot every male in the building.

    I’m not buying that he was “near” his gun and they had to shoot him before he could reach it. If he had intended to resist capture, after all the explosions and shooting that took place on the lower floors before they got to him, he damn sure would have had his gun in his hands when they kicked in his door! Color me embarrassed for my country. â—„Daveâ–º

    • Troy says:

      It is clear that the Seals very effectively practiced the mission in advance. It is also clear that the regime did NOT effectively practice the story they would tell after the fact. From the beginning, I have suspected the videos and photos were being kept secret because they would show the murder of unarmed people.

      I repeat my often said warning… we are one martial law away from total dictatorship. I think Obama will try his best to appear to “win” the 2012 election. However, if, as voting day approaches, the polls show him definitely losing, they may well intentionally cause the poop to hit the fan such that a declaration of martial law seems to be required. Of course, it would be sheer folly to change regimes in the midst of whatever mess they cook up. The clever bastards may even be able to drive the sheeple into demanding a dictatorship!

      In my imagination, the nuclear standoff between Israel and the Islamists promises the best supply of poop to toss into the fan. By humiliating the government of a nuclear-armed sorta, kinda ally, we may have hastened the inevitable nuclear exchange in the mid east.


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