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Hey all you conservatives and T.E.A partiers who voted for a reduction in government spending in 2010… did you feel a bit like chumps when your guys in Washington D.C. settled for a mere $38/39 billion in spending cuts in order to keep the government running. (Heaven help us, what would we do if that giant corruption machine were to actually stop for a few days?).

Well, it turns out the actual, no kidding, all accounting tricks aside spending cuts amount to around $300 million. Compared to the size of the spending deficit, this amount is statistically $0. In other words, for all intents and purposes, there were no spending reductions at all.

But, let’s get past this and get on to what they call the “real battle” – the looming battle over the 2012 budget. Among other nonsense, Congressman Paul “watch my fingers” Ryan proposes “massive cuts” that would not actually cut the current, bankrupting rate of spending at all. Instead, it would slow its projected growth over the next 10 years, magically somehow balancing the budget sometime in the next 2 millenia. In other words, we would still be rushing toward bankruptcy albeit at a slightly slower rate of acceleration. And, presumably intelligent people are cheering him on.

Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over, expecting the outcome to change. We can extend that definition to include accepting the same lies over and over, expecting them to become truth.

Bottom line guys? You’ve been had yet again. Yes, you sent in some new guys and a few of them are actually serious. But, they operate under the control of establishment politicians who are NOT going to allow any meaningful change. Why? First, because it would piss off the members of the international financial cartel who are their true masters (and who own and operate the Federal Reserve). Second, because it would destroy the power, prestige and fortune they get in return for going along with the rape of the American people.

Still, you swallow this line of BS every time it is fed to you. Because you are insane? Not really. Why then? Because most of you are no different than the criminals who are your leaders. You line up at the federal trough for whatever slop spills over after the rulers have extracted their share, not for a moment realizing that this slop is actually the product of your own labor (well, some of you) that has been seized from you then corrupted into slop by the “system”.

I will close with a riddle: Question, what is the real difference between Democrats and Republicans” ? Answer: Democrats always lie while Republicans are unable to tell the truth.

Troy L Robinson

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  • Sheeple!

    I will close with a riddle: Question, what is the real difference between Democrats and Republicans” ?

    Answer: They disagree over how much of our money to steal, and how best to spend it to buy votes. â—„Daveâ–º

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