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Over the past several days, I have been mentally working on several entries for this blog that speak to our national condition and how it might be improved but, somehow, I just can’t summon the will to actually type them up for submission. Why? I think it is because I am simply consumed with disgust. I get this way from time to time, when I start to feel overwhelmed by the combination of stupidity, corruption, greed and ignorance that pervades our culture these days. Please allow me to vent by listing a few examples of the things that have me wound up:


The Japanese people are enduring a tragedy of immense proportions, as we all well know. Yet, 99% of the what I see and hear about Japan in the media is focused entirely on sensationalizing the problems at the Fukushima nuclear facility. All one hears is: will it be worse than Chernobyl? How will it compare to Three Mile Island? Is it the end of life as we know it?

I have a suggestion… If we are so damned worried about nuclear damage in Japan, why not ask how Fukushima compares with Hiroshima or Nagasaki?

Yet, as all this useless scare-mongering goes on, the media almost totally bypass the real tragedy: there are thousands of HUMAN BEINGS in Japan who are suffering from hypothermia, dehydration and possible starvation – all three conditions that we (and the rest of the world) could be doing something meaningful to address. For instance, why is there not a worldwide airlift of food, water, blankets and the like that can then be air-dropped into the affected areas?

In a word, this is disgusting.


Our “representatives” in Washington continue to avoid one of their most basic responsibilities – that of establishing (then sticking to) an official federal budget. Instead, we get the 2 to 3 week continuing resolutions that keep the government limping down the road toward insolvency. Meanwhile, the GOP leadership are spraining their arms patting themselves on the back for “forcing” the evil Democrats to cough up a few billion in alleged spending cuts with each resolution. At the current rate they are cutting, the budget will be balanced by… OK, it will not ever be balanced by this process because new spending and the growth of the interest on current debt is rising faster than they are cutting. But it does sound good doesn’t it?

In a related note, I have observed that, if one listens to their rhetoric, Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner are direct opposites. However, if one measures outcomes, it becomes much harder to tell them apart.

In a word, this is disgusting.


The state of Wisconsin, like many long-time “blue” states, is drowning is red ink. The people of that state, desiring a change for the better, voted out many of the borrow-and-spend crowd, replacing them with new officials who promised to get the state budget under control. Yet, when the newly-elected try to do exactly what they promised, and, evidently, what a majority of the voters demanded, they are thwarted at every turn by union thugs (with the behind-the-scenes encouragement from the Obama administration) and by duly elected Democrat senators who fled the state rather than do the job they were elected (and were being paid) to do. When the state administration finally seemed to be getting the job done, in steps a judge who made a ruling that is blatantly political (rather than judicial). The result so far? Union thugs and federal administration officials are cheering this unethical, possibly unconstitutional action. The end result is that the combination of union members and progressives in government are telling the voters of Wisconsin to go to hell – that their votes only count if they vote a certain (progressive) way.

In a word, this is disgusting.


Clearly, Libya is in a civil war that is not of our making and not for us to resolve. The truth is that we are not even really sure which side in the conflict is the most evil – or which side is the bigger threat to U.S. interests. Yet the Obama crowd, this collection of peaceful folk who won office partly on the promise to get us out of the other on-going Muslim wars, can hardly wait to get involved in Libya. They claim it is for humanitarian reasons, to stop Gaddafi from killing his own people. Is this true? Or has the Obamanation learned the lesson known to all tyrants – that war offers the best known cover for the expansion of government powers, while serving as a distraction from domestic failures? What possible justification can there be for expending American blood and treasure in Libya? Seriously, if anyone reading this knows of any, however slight, please respond and enlighten the rest of us.

In a word, this is disgusting.


U.S. Attorney General and head racist Eric Holder has ordered the Dayton police academy to lower its testing standards for recruits because not enough blacks were passing (that is, not enough to suit Mr. Holder and the racist Obama administration).

On the surface, this might appear to be an attempt to help more blacks improve their situations. In reality, it is an insult to every black in this once-great nation who has worked to educate themselves, and to all blacks everywhere who are every bit as able as any other race to achieve whatever they work to achieve.

Once again, the progressive movement has sent a clear message to blacks – you are just too dumb and too incapable to compete on a level playing field. Tragically, far too many blacks accept this as true then act accordingly.

In a word, this is disgusting.


The bottom line, and the reason I currently see no point in wasting the time and effort to discuss ways that we might save ourselves, is that I have once again come to a conclusion that occurs to me now and then. That conclusion is that many if not most of the American people actually deserve what is about to happen.

In a word, I am disgusted.

Troy L Robinson

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  • Damn, Troy! I only wish I could disagree with something you have said here. I completely concur, including the disgusting notion that the American sheeple deserve what is coming. I almost envy the Japanese; at least they get to start over on a positive mission with industrious neighbors who aren’t whining. Color me disgusted too. â—„Daveâ–º

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