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Who the hell does this fool think he is? Constitutional scholar, my ass. Neither is he our king or dictator. I long ago posited that there is no such thing as the “rule of law” and this proves it.

Regardless what one may think of gay marriage or the Defense of Marriage Act signed by Bill Clinton, it is the duty of the executive branch to execute the laws of the land. It is not within the powers of the President to declare a law unconstitutional, and he has no choice regarding enforcing it. De facto selective enforcement is one thing; but to come right out with a decree is flouting the rule of law and is nothing less than outrageous.

It is time to throw this clown out on his ear. I would demand impeachment, if it wasn’t so much easier for the opposition to just openly admit that he is a pretender. If Republicans just had the guts to publicly call him a usurper, they could force the Supreme Court to acknowledge that, by definition, anyone born to an alien father is simply not a “natural born citizen.” Done deal.

There is no question that the aftermath from his supporters would be ugly; but that is coming anyway, when some States refuse to allow him on their ballot for 2012. Why go through two more years of his anti-American Marxist agenda? At the rate he is moving, by 2012 there won’t be much left to save of this once great nation. â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Troy says:

    I tried to make the case over a year ago that Obama is a dictator in the making… that it is just a matter of when his regime thinks it has consolidated sufficient power to openly rule in a dictatorial fashion (and they are damned close already).

    My thought then, and I still hold by it, is that they are looking for an excuse to declare martial law in the United States. At that point, their seizure of power will be complete. The flareups in the Middle East and the energy problems they bring (both real and engineered) may well furnish the excuse very soon. Add some food and fuel riots to the uprising already started in Wisconsin and soon to spread to other states, then Katy bar the door.

    Already, Obama openly ignores two federal court orders (offshore drilling and Obamacare) with total impunity. He sidesteps the constitutional process every chance he gets, through his “czars”, by allowing regulatory agencies to make rules as well as enforce them.

    Still, it seems there is nothing he can do that will get the toadies in Congress to stand up and act like humans.

    If there ever was a case that demands impeachment of a president, Obama has long ago provided it. Yes, I know that the present Senate would be totally unlikely to convict, were the House to impeach — nevertheless, going through the process would allow the House to lay out the facts in a way that would be hard to the MSM to spin and would be equally hard for the sheeple to ignore.

    Nope — our would-be saviors are too worried that some gays might marry or that someone might get an abortion to pay much attention to something as trivial as a dictatorship or national insolvency.

    Lately, I have really tried to find grounds for near-term optimism. Alas, my rational mind knows where this is headed, however much I hate to see it.

    Troy L Robinson

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