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Yesterday, the Obamanation went to a General Electric plant in New York to announce that Jeffrey Immelt, General Electric CEO, has been named to head some bogus job-creation scheme, allegedly to show the Obamanation’s new-found love for business.

This is the same Jeffrey Immelt who uses his company’s television networks (the NBC family) as the Obamanation’s primary propaganda organ. The same Jeffrey Immelt who bilked the government out of billions of TARP money (that his company did not even need) by somehow convincing the administration that General Electric is a bank. The same Jeffrey Immelt who loudly championed Obamacare, not because he thinks it a good thing for the nation but because his company stands to profit immensely from its implementation, despite the damage he knows it will do to others.

What this truly is is an example of crony capitalism, of a totally corrupt relationship between a corrupt administration and the corrupt upper-management team of a once respected company. It is so rotten you can smell it in every corner of the nation. Yet, when it is ultimately exposed for what it is, you can bet that the progressives will hold it up as yet another example of the “failure of capitalism”. As evidence that ever more government regulation is needed to keep those greedy businessmen from robbing us all.

There is nothing remotely capitalistic about this disgrace. Only a nation that has intentionally been rendered ignorant by the destruction of its news media and its education facilities could be convinced otherwise.

BTW, Mr Immelt claims to be a Republican.

For those of you who think my assessments of the national condition have been too negative… does this help you see the light? Or will it take an outright collapse to get your attention?

Troy L Robinson

4 Responses to “Capitalism Fails Again”

  • Agreed. This reminded me of the point when I learned to distinguish capitalism from corporatism a couple of years ago. I took the trouble to search for my blog post at the time and re-read it. You might find it interesting: Liberty vs. Corporatism â—„Daveâ–º

  • Troy says:

    Liberty vs Corporatism is a good essay — I plan to start reading the Gatto book today.

    I am more convinced every day that only a revolution could save us. I expect one is coming anyway because the sheeple will revolt once the gravy train runs out of gravy. The question is whether there will be sufficient Libertarians left to guide the revolution toward some useful goal.


  • Daedalus says:

    Troy, ask yourself the question-If we had a constitutional convention now and a new Constitution was written would it be an improvement on the original? If we had a revolution (armed?) now would the resulting government be an improvement on the one we have now. Violent revolutions always destroy wealth, which later has to be rebuilt. The only practical revolution is one of philosophy. The prevailing philosophy culturally in our present country is Christianity,its beliefs in mysticism and altruism.
    The collectivists merely replace the church with the state and adopt the tenets of altruism. I see a revolution at present offering only more of the same you would try to remedy. A return to the “Age of reason” is not likely to be effected in your or my lifetime:
    “Make the best of what we yet may spend
    Until we ourselves into the dust descend”. (Thanks to Omar.)
    This doesn’t mean we sit back and eat bon-bons until the final curtain call.
    One can still support and advocate the principles one loves. A final change for the better can only come when the “Dumbing down” of the populace is reversed and in that battle you are presently one of the soldiers.
    On the support for the Crown at the time of the American Revolution I had heard a third supported the Crown, a third the revolutionaries and the remainder didn’t care who won. I am not sure who took the poll.

    • Troy says:

      Thanks for the response. I agree that an armed revolution would be a disaster. To begin with, we are hopelessly “out gunned”. Then, as you point out, violence of all types destroys rather than builds (except for inspiring us to build better means of killing each other).

      The revolution I see coming is when the producers simply quit producing — either out of protest or because they have been converted to leaches themselves. Then the “system” would collapse on itself with hardly a shot fired.

      Whatever we do (or don’t do), continuing on the present road can only lead to mass rioting, a guaranteed result when you make masses of people dependent on fulfillment of a promise to deliver more than actually exists. I see no rational basis for any other outcome. To suppose that a mass of pseudo-human creatures who have been reduced to a state of total dependence on others, who haven’t a clue how to take care of themselves, will somehow willingly volunteer to starve in the interest of “saving the system” strikes me as silly. Just as does the notion that the “dumbed down” will suddenly wise up.

      I will forever have seared into my brain the image of a black lady in New Orleans. The city was slowly drowning while masses of people simply sat and waited to be saved (or to die). This one lady in particular looked right into the TV camera and exclaimed in the most pathetic way “what the gov’ment gone do?” It evidently was beyond her frame of reference to think that there might be something SHE could do.

      We the sheeple have let it come to this and I, for one, cannot see a clean way out of such a nasty situation.

      However this ends, it is bound to be nasty, involve a lot of pain and blood, and what comes after is by no means clear. That said, I think we have a pretty good idea what will happen if we just all sit here wondering “what the gov’ment gone do?”

      Yes, in my rather ineffective way, I try to get my friends and neighbors, and any readers of this blog, to think. To engage that uniquely human ability to reason rather than praying and braying, hoping things will improve by some mysterious and divine process. I find that most of the people I engage simply don’t want to hear it. The responses I get most often are “I’m just too busy” — “being informed takes too much time/effort” — “what difference can I make anyway” — and my favorite: “I make it a point to not get involved in politics”.

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