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The news is full of the story of a young man who recently refused to let TSA goons invade his personal privacy. (Good for him!!)

Now I expect that there are many sheeple out there who will quietly submit to this outrage on the grounds that it makes them safer, or, more likely, because they fear authority.

Before any of you comment on this, I suggest a mental exercise. Imagine a high school teacher who is very safety conscious. While there have been no incidents at his school, he nevertheless feels a duty to prevent injury in his classroom. So, he institutes a new policy… as each boy enters the classroom, he is given a “pat down” exactly like what TSA uses at airports. Then, knowing he dare not touch a girl like that, he makes them parade past a machine that, effectively, lets him see through their clothes.

I ask you — how long would this teacher keep his job?

My answer: no longer than TSA should be allowed to continue this outrage.

Please email or call your member of congress and tell them what you think about this!

Troy L Robinson

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