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So, except for the name calling, recounts and lawsuits, none of which is going to make a material difference, the 2010 election is over.

IMHO, it has all gone according to the progressive’s master plan. The GOP takes the House but with only enough overall power to do much other than get in Obama’s way, appearing to earn the “Party Of No” moniker Obama already uses. The Dems keep the Senate, ensuring their continued ability to confirm Obama’s socialist appointees and their ability to keep any really embarrassing GOP legislation from reaching the president’s desk, thereby forcing a potentially unpopular veto.

Some of the outcomes were puzzling, if not surprising. Most of all, the re-election of Harry Reid in Nevada. Personally, I can find no rational explanation for that outcome which does not involve massive fraud – even though I have no evidence of that.

So, saying it again, I think the progressives came out of this exactly as they planned.

If nothing else, perhaps this will start to wake up the Tea Party folks to the fact that this is not, and never has been, a contest between ideologies, to be hashed out by the electorate. Instead, it is a battle between a relatively powerless citizenry versus an establishment that has more power that the average person can imagine.

Please know that, should some real, positive change result from this election, I will be among the first to recognize and praise it. For instance, it is possible that the incoming, newly elected might produce a viable presidential candidate for 2012. Not likely but possible.

Meanwhile, the 2012 mess is shaping up to be Clinton or Obama (or both) versus Gingrich or Palin. Gag me with a spoon!

Troy L Robinson

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