Saturday, September 4, Jeannine and I attended the Fort Worth, Texas session of NULLIFY NOW, a rally planned for several cities around the country in the coming weeks.

The featured speakers were Thomas E. Woods, Jr., author of the book “Nullification – How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century”, and Debra Medina, recent candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor of Texas. Both of these gave excellent and encouraging presentations that, for us, justified the cost of attending.

(You might remember Debra Medina as she was actually in contention for the nomination until Glenn Beck intentionally destroyed her prospects by branding her a “9/11 Truther” when what she actually said was that she had not studied the issue enough to have ANY opinion. My own guess is that she did not meet Glenn’s requirements for missionary zeal. BTW, I was once a fan of Glenn Beck, back when he seemed to be trying to help Americans understand the intended workings of their government. Sadly, as his fame and influence have grown, he has slipped into religious proselytizing, thereby making himself part of the problem.)

There were a number of additional speakers that ranged from candidates for various offices, local Tea Party activists, state legislators from both Texas and Oklahoma and Michael Boldin, founder of the Tenth Amendment Center. One of the Tea Party activists was inspiring and energizing and Michael was very interesting. However, many of the local presenters seemed to think they were at a Christian “tent meeting” rather than a political rally and I found this most distressing.

Each of you must choose for yourselves, but for me, the notion of living under a fundamentalist theocracy is every bit as frightening as the notion of living under a socialist dictatorship. I am also of the opinion that these “bible thumpers” are one of the reasons many grass-roots movements, such as the Tea Party, are written off as a bunch of rubes “clinging to their guns and god”.

At the rally in question, the worst of all, IMHO, was nationally known pastor Stephen Broden, candidate for U.S. Congressman from Texas district 30, who assured the (mostly) cheering crowd that most of our current problems stem from the teaching of Darwinism in our schools. One assumes he would prefer creationism instead. In other words, he seems to think America would be made better by teaching creation mythology, a belief system, while ignoring evolution science, a process that can actually be observed. Why not sacrifice a few virgins while we are at it?

If such thought is what we are about to empower in November, then it is time to give up all hope for the republic.

Troy L Robinson

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  • While I am sure the last thing nominally libertarian Glenn Beck is interested in is a theocracy, I share your distress over the direction he is taking. I still watch his show and listen to podcasts of his radio program, for the history lessons and exposés of the characters in the Obamessiah’s administration; but I cringe every time he exhorts Americans to “get down on their knees,” and he has taken to doing so several times a day. I used to give him some slack on his occasional religious comments, out of recognition of his need for an organizing principle for his family life and to keep his alcoholism under control; but since he has apparently decided that he is the modern day George Whitfield, leading a third “Great Awakening,” I have lost a lot of respect for his intellect. He loved Thomas Paine’s, “Common Sense; I wish he would read, “The Age of Reason” with his own common sense in gear. 🙂

    Nevertheless, I still contend that America is at far greater risk of succumbing to Muslim or Marxist fundamentalists, than the Christian variety, who would devolve into sectarian squabbling long before they ever amassed enough power to establish a theocracy. Beck is definitely a small government Constitutionalist and, as a Mormon, is himself way out of the mainstream of Christian dogma. The last thing the surprisingly diverse luminaries who have joined his modern “Black Robe Brigade” would do is follow a Mormon, if they thought for a second that he was trying to lead a coalition to create a theocracy.

    John will condemn me as a pragmatist again; but I reckon his attempt to awaken Americans to what has happened to this once great nation, and his call to reclaim the underlying values and principles that once made us a voluntarily cooperative and industrious society, is not a bad thing. We are in an existential battle for the survival of the American experiment; and if we wish capitalism and individual liberty to survive, we need all the help we can get. Let’s defeat the Marxists/Progressives and Wahhabi Muslims first. Then, if necessary, we can sort out any minority of Christian fundamentalists hankering for a theocracy.

    That said, I concur with your assessment regarding how easy it is for the Progressive media to marginalize grass roots political activity that includes bible thumping rhetoric. Of course, it is at the same time amusing how respectful they are toward their allies in denouncing American culture, the misogynist Muslim imams and the so-called “Reverend” race-baiters, like Sharpton and Jackson. Unfortunately, the hypocrisy goes over the heads of the sheeple and propaganda works well on them. If it wasn’t “god and guns,” they would find something else to deride to keep the flock moving in the right direction.

    Of course, it is all rather academic… I gave up on the future of the Republic long ago… â—„Daveâ–º

  • Daedalus says:

    Nullification is a dead issue. Attempts by southern states to “nullify” federal law were seen by some as the primary reason for the Civil War. I don’t think we want to repeat that holocaust.
    Beck and those like him are at the root of our problems. His religion is his philosophy. He does seem to perceive the problem of collectivism vs. individualism, at least in its religious context, i.e. group salvation. About the best we can hope for, from his influence, is some slowing down of the headlong rush to globalism and fascism that we are experiencing.
    I don’t consider it pragmatism to hope that one form of irrationality will slow down or even reverse the advance of another. I also don’t see Beck advocating a theocracy. So far he seems to be sincere in his desire to restore the Republic which his opponents have no wish to see. Like y’all I do find his religious promptings a bit sickening.

    • Troy says:

      You said “I also don’t see Beck advocating a theocracy. So far he seems to be sincere in his desire to restore the Republic which his opponents have no wish to see.” Might I be so bold as to suggest that, like many fundamentalists, Beck thinks the original Republic WAS a theocracy of sorts. Just the other day on his show, he and another “thumper” were reminiscing over the fact that, at the time of the founding, several states had official religions that were supported by the state through mandatory taxes imposed on all of the citizens thereof. Ergo, his support for a return to the “founding values” is, in a way, support for a form of theocracy.

      As for nullification being a dead issue, it is dead only if the true masters of the Republic, the States, allow it to be dead. The States were the creators of the Constitution and it is still a matter of law, however much the feds wish to ignore it, that it takes the assent of 3/4 of the States to alter the Constitution and/or to call a Constitutional Convention. Such a Convention having the power to, among other things, abolish the Union if it so chose (and with the assent of the 3/4). How could it be made more clear that the States are the final arbiters of the Constitution? Assigning that role to the Supreme Court would be akin to asking one of the contenders at the Super Bowl to provide all the umpires and referees from among its own supporters. THAT would be irrational. Having the States re-assume their responsibilities under the Constitution seems to me anything but irrational.

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