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Today is Flag Day. I haven’t even turned the TV on today, so I have no idea whether any Americans are celebrating it. Increasingly these days, I don’t much care. Watching my country disintegrate all around me is depressing and there is a nagging component that keeps reminding me that the sheeple in this country are getting exactly what they deserve.

I always remember Flag Day because it is also the day I got out of the US Army 43 years ago. It is interesting that now I harbor some pride in my service; but at the time, 14 June 1966 was the happiest day of my life. Three years on a voluntary enlistment was more than enough to convince me that I wasn’t cut out to unquestioningly follow orders given by mental midgets. One sees old veterans decked out in their uniforms on patriotic occasions. All I kept was my field jacket. Perhaps it was the times; but Vietnam era veterans were seldom respected for our service, much less thanked for it. The esprit de corps was cool; they made a man out of me; and I did my duty; but I learned I preferred to give sensible orders to following foolish ones.

I now have a new reason to remember this supposedly patriotic day that is rather sad, when one contemplates it. I got up at 0230 this morning for a mission I generally steadfastly refuse. In my mind, everything from Ventura to San Diego is “LA.” To me, it is a vast urban wasteland sans intelligent life. I eschew all attempts to get me to travel south of Santa Barbara, but I agreed on this morning to take my partner to LAX to catch a plane bound for India. We are exploring a joint venture with an Indian company in the process of franchising Montessori schools there.

She is providing a Montessori Teacher Training Course for them this summer and will be gone at least two months and perhaps twice that. It is somewhat exciting to be able to assist folks seriously interested in a real education for their children, which is not just a government provided Marxist indoctrination. One would think that with California about to go bankrupt, they might reconsider their decision to add universal preschool to their budget, which is devastating the private preschool business here. It is also intriguing to notice that India is growing and modernizing, not crumbling and dying like America. After reading Thomas Friedman’s “The World is Flat” a few years ago, I have had a very different perspective of India.

Thus, I asked her to investigate and look seriously into the idea of emigrating to India to get the hell away from these Progressive fools, who are choking the life out of my country. I have lived in eight countries, and as patriotic as I am about my own, I am always amused by the American mindset that we live in the best place on earth. While I agree that the average American generally has a better lifestyle than the average citizen anywhere else, there is much to be said for being in the aristocracy of a third world country.

An educated entrepreneurial American living abroad has a much better lifestyle than is generally available here. The pinnacle of my life was my time in the Seychelles Islands at the age of 22, literally making more money than could be spent there. My five bedroom mansion on a 30 acre coconut plantation cost me $300 a month. Servants were $10 a month each, so I had five of them. The manager groveled every time I walked in the bank. They put “Esquire” after my name on my bank statements, because nobody could have that much money without a title. I was automatically invited to all the Governor’s diplomatic cocktail parties. The police tipped their hats and said, “Good Morning, Sir” as they stepped aside when I walked down the street. Life has been downhill every since. 🙂

I doubt that I will move to India, but the very idea that I am considering it at this age says a lot about my assessment of the prospects of the future of America. It is dim and growing dimmer by the day… and that is indeed sad. ◄Dave►

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  • Tribal says:

    Cheer up Dave, if La Raza or the progressives get their way and we get annexed by Mexico or the North American Union and their Superhighway we might not have to go anywhere to be part of a third world country, heck we are already living with a third world economic plan, with people in place who thankfully were carefully picked to solve the problem they created by figuring out how to do the same thing but on a bigger and more grander scale which will then somehow make it all better again. Thank god for smart fella’s like that or who knows where we would be. Maybe still apart of the greatest nation this world ever saw. Incredible to me that it(America) could all just crumble so easily and with such a lack of empathy from it’s all too proud peoples. Too proud maybe to realize to ask questions when not knowing answers. To question why the options given to choose from was always a decision of the better of two evils rather then chosen by the people for the betterment of the people as a whole. HOw did it get to be for the betterment of whichever corporation had more lobbyist and gave campaign donations? As I try to bring some attention to these types of issues down her below the Orange Curtain and part of as you put it LA/OC, it baffles me that I am seen as a conspiracy freak and or abnormally parnoid. And I am talking about my friends whom have known me and vis versa, it isn’t like i am on the street corners with a Sandwich board saying “Repent, the end is near!” At this point I just try and keep wary and ready to bolt out of this area ASAP when it comes down. Ahhh, it is just a wonderful day, life is good even though all around me it isn’t looking good I can just turn on the TV and they can set me straight, they can tell me “no what may look like that to you isn’t, it is all good, believe us, why would we lie? And now a word from a sponser…” Have a good one, nice to see a post from you.

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