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The one reporter in the whole nation with the guts to ask the question, and his colleagues allow glib Gibbs to spin it into a big joke and laugh with him. Too bad he is still asking the wrong question. It is not about where he was born, but the conditions of his birth. Since Obama freely admits that he was born a dual citizen, he is by definition not a “natural born citizen,” and thus he is a usurper, ineligible for the office he pretends to hold.

Gibbs is dismissive of the 400,000 citizens; but that is just the number who have signed WND’s petition. There are millions more who think he should release his real birth certificate and college records. All one need do is observe the skeletons in the closets of so many of his associates, who he has failed to get confirmed to appointed office, to wonder what he is hiding himself. Isn’t it ironic and a perversion of common sense that we require a higher level of scrutiny for a security clearance for everyone except the man at the top? Chances are he couldn’t qualify for the security clearance required to be a janitor at the White House. â—„Daveâ–º

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