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Am I humor challenged, or something? I don’t find this funny at all:

Waxman himself acknowledges that he is not familiar with everything in the bill… Well, why the hell are you voting on it then, Congressman? The Texan didn’t impress me either. This is not a joke, it is a massive tax increase. These clowns are mocking us for being critical of the fact that they didn’t read the Stimulus bill a couple of months ago before signing it. Folks, we need to stop voting for incumbents, no matter which party they are in. We need a whole new bunch of Congress-critters. This lot has forgotten who their boss is. â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Knowing they would only serve one term would give them no boss. With no reason to perform well, they would sell out to the highest bidder on day one. The government will not be fixed while it continues to hold power. It isn’t the people who are making the system bad, it is the system which is making the people bad. Until my army of robotic Ron Pauls is finished, our only hope of redemption is revolution.

    • That is rather cynical; would you sell out to the highest bidder on day one? It would seem to me that we could find candidates with a bit more integrity than that. Besides, I would think having the status of once serving in Congress would be more valuable after one’s term than anything to be gained during it.

      The RonPaulbots is a brilliant idea. Perhaps we could just key the Constitution into a computer program to replace the SCOTUS too. Then, all Bills could be run through it to see if they are legal before even voting on them. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

  • Denise says:

    I too found this very disturbing when I viewed it. I found that Waxman laughing about it just made me madder! These clowns need to go, they have no respect for what they are doing or what we have entrusted them to do…IMHO.

  • On selling out to the highest bidder, think about how our election system is run. Those who have the most chance of getting elected are those who are on the take before they ever begin their campaign. The two main prerequisites for getting elected are charm and funding; integrity is much easier to fake.

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