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One of the websites I have been frequenting seems to have an unusual number of “leaders” full of enthusiasm and grand plans for turning Glen Beck’s 9/12 Project into a nationwide political advocacy organization. Alarm bells are sounding in the intuitive and skeptical corners of my mind for several reasons I won’t go into yet; but their agenda bears watching. Meanwhile, in an attempt to cool the passion for these recently awakened Patriots to “take action,” before they have learned enough to understand what action needs to be taken, I posted the following thoughts, which are probably worth sharing with my readers:

An important discussion was taking another thread off topic, so I decided to start it anew here. I had disparaged the notion of mounting a grand coordinated nationwide protest campaign against media bias, in favor of spontaneous individual efforts on a local level. Good ideas, which any individual could execute effectively at will, were being requested to be held in abeyance until the HQ of the “organization” that started this website “approved” of them. I objected on the grounds that the 9/12 Project is supposed to be a grass roots effort to empower the individual with the knowledge that he is not alone in his dismay over the swiftly vanishing American dream; not a disciplined top down political advocacy organization.

Glenn Beck’s mission was not to spawn protests; he even initially objected to its being associated with the Tea Parties, as coming too early in the process he envisioned. His purpose was to educate people regarding the nature of our Constitutional Republic, and the awesome power of “we the people,” if we just understand the concept of individual Liberty, the rule of law, and the fallacy that we live in a democracy. He suggests that the oligarchy who is trying to enslave us in their Marxist Utopia is tiny and feckless by comparison, and that we decidedly surround them. He beseeches his listeners and viewers to study American history to learn our founding principles, how we were tricked into abandoning them by the Progressive movement, and the value to us of returning to our uniquely American roots. Only then, will we know the best action to take to restore our Constitution and the rule of law, to save us from the fate of the failing European democracies that have been devastated by socialism.

I concur completely with his assessment, and have been on a personal jihad for years, bending ears and writing on the subject. I eagerly joined several of the many 9/12 Project themed social networking websites spontaneously appearing all over the web, to assist in that awakening any way I can. Mostly, I try to offer cogent comments in discussions to steer the often confused thinking of awakening Patriots in the right direction. I frequently offer links to some of my own articles and essays, when they might elucidate or make my point; but there is no advertising on my website, and my motives are pure. I only wish to create more Patriots who understand our founding principles and documents, and try to free minds from the trap of the Left/Right duopoly, which the Incumbrepublocrats use to keep sheeple at each other’s throats, instead of theirs.

I have no particular objection to political action and protest. I fully understand the urge, when one has finally had enough, to stand up on one’s hind legs and bellow in rage at the injustice of it all. Many of us are veterans of protests, letter writing campaigns, and repeated phone calls to our purported “representatives.” Eventually, it dawns on one that the oligarchy could care less about what we think or want, outside of a very narrow window during election season. They are masters at the “rope-a-dope” strategy of pretending to share our concerns, promising us the world, and then just regrouping and repackaging their agenda, or carefully concealing it buried deep inside an “omnibus” bill.

Folks, there is value in the protests and Tea Parties, but it is not what you probably think. The greatest benefit from such demonstrations is to allow frustrated, disenfranchised, and concerned Americans to learn that they are not alone; and perhaps to coax others to come out of hiding and join us, so they too might have some scales removed from their eyes, and cobwebs from their minds. It is the PEOPLE who are in most need of reform in America, and blessedly, those that are productive taxpayers are mutable.

On the other hand, the academics, media types, politicians, judges, bureaucrats, and other sundry tax spenders are generally incorrigible, and their extra-constitutional, incumbency favoring, two-party political system is beyond reform. It must be destroyed and professional politicians must ALL be fired, if the rule of law in our Constitutional Republic is to ever be restored. Anything less is doomed to the historical ash heap of useless causes, yet it could be easily done in one election, if enough people could be convinced to NEVER vote again for ANY incumbent, no matter how much they like him.

Term limits – just one term – are ours for the taking, and we do not have to talk a single politician into the notion… only ourselves. By my lights, we would do more good writing ten cogent letters of protest to our somnolent neighbors for their complacency, than a hundred to the media or politicians for their treachery. I have more to offer in this vein; but this should be enough to get the conversation started. Any thoughts? ◄Dave►

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  • I’m not sure if term limits are constructive or not. In one sense, they help prevent one person or group from building too much power, on the other, in something more like a monarchy, a king knows that if he screws things up, his children will inherit it. Shorter term limits lead to what we saw with Bush: Screw it up and leave.

    On revolution. If you were to try and herd a combination of cats and sheep, you would have the current environment for revolution. We have no real hope of revolution in the next few years, because it requires clarity of thought that doesn’t currently exist in mass. The best we will get is stampede.

    A stampede of those proportions is going to require one hell of a trigger.

  • Gabe Carpio says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    My friend says, “Lets go to the Tea Party and let our voices be heard”, and I told him that those few who would listen were listening already and those who aren’t .. and that is most .. will continue to be deaf to the people. The only purpose the Tea Parties served was to encourage people that they are not alone and in the event of real action, to show our hand. I stay home and study and write and when I go out it is to encourage my fellow soldiers to actually READ the Constitution that they all swore oath to and decide where they stand because waiting until your are being ordered to do something unconstitutional is one hell of a time to be trying to make up your mind!
    -SGT Carpio

  • Agreed. When the SHTF, we will need all the sympathetic citizens we can find, who will not buy the government’s BS that somehow we are the evil ones. Thank you for all that you do, Sarge. You are my hero! â—„Daveâ–º

  • Bush couldn’t have done near what he did, Steel, if Congress were populated with one-term citizen legislators who wouldn’t have been anxious to hand him a blank check on war powers, in order not to have their vote pro or con for war on their record. The idea would be to eventually elect citizens who would agree to repeal all of the unconstitutional statutes, and to refuse to fund all of the unconstitutional and unnecessary executive departments. The Federal Reserve Act could be repealed and we could return to using real money.

    I don’t know about the Democrats; they are pretty entrenched in their Progressive ideology, with a huge base of tax spenders wishing to keep plundering the producers. The Republican Party, however, could be destroyed overnight; because they no longer have an ideological base, or very many loyal constituents. I think killing even one of the Parties would spoil the game for the pros.

    Yes, revolution in this climate would be chaos. It distresses me that, while the subject is very much in the wind, nobody is discussing a strategy for the end game. The universal quest, whether by the Tea Party or 9/12 Project types who think they can do it peacefully; or the militia types who are past ready to lock and load, is to return to the rule of law and Constitutional government as it was in the first hundred years of our nation’s existence.

    I concur; but it is going to take a lot more than throwing the bums out to get there. In the end, I don’t think we are going to have much to say about the trigger. I fully expect the Feds to concoct some false flag operation, or permit some ill-conceived precipitous action by the skinheads or such, which they could have prevented, to demonize the “right-wing-nuts” as a pretext for disarming the population. That will be your big trigger, and it will spin out of any hope of control from there, into a very ugly mess. I won’t be the least surprised if it happens before the year is out. A wise man would be prepared for it. â—„Daveâ–º

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