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According to the AP, Californians are seriously considering a Constitutional Convention. I am still unclear what I think of such a notion:

“If the purpose is to make it easier to raise taxes, there will never be an agreement,” Runner said, adding he was concerned about who would be chosen as delegates to the convention.

“California is a very diverse state,” he said. “I can’t think of anything more emotional or controversial than choosing who the delegates would be to rewrite the state’s constitution.”

Organizers are proposing that 200 people serve as delegates, including 80 elected officials from across the state.

In addition to budget reform, backers want to change the constitution to allow nonpartisan or “open” primaries in hopes that more moderates will be elected to the Legislature. They’re also proposing that the constitution allow local governments to collect and spend tax revenues, rather than have them centrally controlled by the state.

Of course, the thing they are trying to achieve – reducing the 2/3 vote of the legislature to approve a budget – I am solidly against. The risk of opening this can of worms seems great; but if CA did it, it would probably start a trend that could end in a national version, which just might be the only thing that could save our nation from itself. The big question, as suggested, is who gets a seat at the table. I would want to eliminate all politicians; but then again I would want to eliminate all moralizers and anyone with an agenda to use the law to impose their own model of utopia on freemen. It is a tricky issue for sure. â—„Daveâ–º

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