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My local Tea Party was held at the Pismo Beach pier at 6:30 PM. For a small generally Progressive town, I was surprised that about 150 people showed up. For what it is worth, organizer Gail Lightfoot, local resident and frequent LP candidate for Governor of California, was ecstatic at the turnout; because she had never seen so many people angry at the R’s and D’s at one event in all the years she has campaigned locally. She happily pronounced conditions finally ripe for a third party. â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Is tea even taxed? You should have brought cigarettes.
    If work wasn’t so swamped right now, I’d have walked up to the college campus to see who was protesting what. Nothing was mentioned in the local news.

  • Down South in Laguna Too. Many more turnouts then I expected to see. And so much support from the cars driving by! At least 150 -200! What was really special about that was that we are talking about people living behind the Orange Curtain in their little fantaqsy land where everthing is OK and good. Talk about Sheeple, at least finally people are waking up and eduacting others to what is going on. I am still hopeful there is time for an intellectual revolution before we are faced with the other kind.

  • It’s hard to say if there is still time. Things are accelerating so fast in so many directions. At this point, it is down to a race between technology and ignorance. The old ways won’t get us there in time. I think until we bring down big media, there is little hope.

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