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I need a break from the Apocalypse occasionally:

Long time readers have frequently seen me lament that the word “Montessori” is in the public domain, and anyone can open a preschool and call it a “Montessori School,” even if it does not remotely implement the Montessori method of education. The above investigative journalism package from a TV station in Canada addresses the issue well. Notice the difference in the content of the shelves between the two schools.

I disagree that AMI is the only organization promoting authentic Montessori; but the second school filmed here doesn’t appear to know what the word even means. Caveat emptor. â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Denise says:

    Thank you Dave………..we all need a break from the on going mess that just keeps on giving! This was indeed an interesting look at teaching. Until you talked about it, I didn’t know anything about it other than it existed. So, I learned something new today that wasn’t a complete heartbreak, yeah for me.

  • Great, Denise. Montessori is amazing when done right. You might enjoy my essay, “Spontaneous Minds.” â—„Daveâ–º

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