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I am getting sick of all the handwringing over Israel defending themselves against the incessant rocket attacks from Hamas. Those who know me, know that my libertarian principles completely fall apart when the subject of the welfare of children is addressed. Please view this 3 ½ minute video:

Children of Hamas

Go for it Israel; and don’t stop until you kill every member of Hamas. All of them. As difficult as it is for me to acknowledge the necessity, while you are at it, stop worrying about collateral damage. These kids are already lost to civilization. Every one you inadvertently kill now, will just be one fewer you will have to kill twenty years from now. I wish I were young enough to come help you do it.

Color me thoroughly disgusted with all the really foolish people in the world, who try to assign a moral equivalence between these barbarians and the Jews of Israel, because of their response to this existential threat. Nothing… no amount of twisted logic, no perceived wrong, no grudge, nothing… could ever justify grabbing a kid off the street in the middle of a firefight to use as a shield. Nothing! Wake up you fools; for the love of Zeus, wake up. â—„Daveâ–º

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