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Here is a very interesting article, “Are Americans safe from U.S. mosques?” It describes a project by private citizens to map the level of Shariah Law adherence by the estimated 2,300 mosques in the US, as predictive of their threat to our security:

…The premise is that all streams and sects of Islam recognize a form of Shariah. His primary concern, for the purpose of assessing the threat to the U.S., is the mosque’s degree of adherence.

Of interest to most Americans, of course, is the threat of violent jihad. But Gaubatz notes there are two other forms of jihad at work in the U.S. to advance Islam, the pen and the tongue.

“We focus too much on why we haven’t had an attack since 2001 in the United States, because the pen and the tongue right now are winning here,” Gaubatz said. “Why would you go for number three, the physical jihad, if you’re already achieving goals one and two?

…Virtually all Islamic leaders in the U.S. have been particularly careful since the 9/11 attacks about what they say publicly, Gaubatz said. But many Shariah-compliant mosques and schools distribute materials supporting or calling for violent jihad. In a widely distributed DVD, for example, an Islamic scholar in the U.S., Ahmad Sakr, declares in a pre-2001 sermon, “Do not follow the laws of the U.S. Constitution, do not follow the congressmen and other U.S. leaders, they will all go to hell, follow Shariah law.”

After reading the whole article, it is amazing to me that Homeland Security is not doing this task themselves. Political Correctness is insidious, and will be one of the major factors responsible for hastening Jihadist Islam’s inevitable ultimate victory over Western Civilization.

If we are not permitted to name our enemy, and it is only polite to discourage their more violent tactics, what possible chance do we have for prevailing over their determination to subjugate us with their glorious dreams of a global Caliphate? We might as well go buy prayer rugs for our grandchildren. â—„Daveâ–º

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