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When I wrote Incumbrepublocrats a couple of years ago, I said:

I suspect that I am not the only one who rarely finds someone worth voting for, but plenty to vote against. I generally just hold my nose while voting for the “lesser of two evils” out of fear of the specter of the greater evil winning. It drives me crazy that intellectually I know I should be voting for the Libertarian, Independent, or other third party candidate. Yet, I know the Incumbrepublocrats have the game rigged so that no third party has the slightest chance of ever breaking their cabal.

Fear of either left or right extremist agendas, almost always suckers me into forfeiting my vote to the more moderate of the two Incumbrepublocrats in the race, even when I don’t like either. I am now so disgusted that I hereby vow never to do it again. If I can’t find someone worthy of voting FOR, I will vote “none of the above” by the simple expedient of not voting at all for that office. What would happen if they had an election and nobody came? At least they couldn’t claim a “mandate” for their foolish agenda, when all we intended to convey was the other guy’s was worse, and nobody was addressing ours.

I am nearly convinced that it is folly to ever vote for any incumbent, it just encourages them to think they are our leaders, and they waste at least half of their time campaigning for reelection in one way or another. Regardless of how likable or principled one might appear to be, when push comes to shove, they rarely represent the wishes of their constituents when they perceive doing so might jeopardize their own careers or their caucus’ agenda. They call it “politics,” but I didn’t want to vote for a caucus platform, a caucus leader, or even a caucus politician, I was trying to hire a representative of my interests.

Once again, they scared the crap out of me with the Marxist Obamesiah, and I actually wanted to vote for Sarah Palin, but in the end I kept my vow and stayed home yesterday. I am glad it is over, and while our country perhaps didn’t, the Republicans got what they deserved. In a way, as ominous as the future looks, I am relieved that fiscal and constitutional conservatives do not have to spend the next four years defending the big-government policies of decidedly Leftist John McCain. They are now free to recover their principles, repudiate their own pragmatic leaders who long ago abandoned traditional values, and prepare for the inevitable pendulum swing back their way.

We know very little about who Obama really is. We will soon find out. While his quest for a Black identity marinated him in a stew of radical Marxist associates, he is a consummate pragmatist who uses and discards people freely in his quest for personal power. This is basic politician 101, and somewhat comforting. He spouted all manner of Marxist “redistributive” crap to convince the ghettos he was one of them, despite being half white and Harvard educated, to overcome the Clinton machine’s lock on that constituency; but he tacked hard a starboard with a deck clearing boom that swept all of his close Marxist associates overboard the moment he had the nomination sewn up.

After that, he campaigned like a conciliatory conservative to win the support of working class white folks. Which is the real Obama? It is easy to conclude that he probably has no core beliefs, other than the pragmatic principle to avoid getting pinned down on any more positions than absolutely necessary, and to do and say whatever it takes to get elected. If it wasn’t for his angry wife, who is far more frightening than he is, one could hope the real world he is about to experience might just moderate him.

In the end, except for the hangover that his Supreme Court picks will give us for a generation, it really won’t matter much. He is about to find out how little power to effect the course of America he will have. There is a reason most Presidents focus on foreign policy, and he will find that Pelosi, Reid, et al don’t owe him a damn thing, and they will be setting the agenda. He may or may not agree with the course they take, but he will just be along for the ride and unlikely to veto their bills. The cruel irony is that, like all those before him, he will get the blame for all that goes wrong, and damn little of the credit for what might go right.

Given the state of our economy, and the total irresponsibility toward public debt and printing funny money of our clueless congress, the future looks bleak; there is absolutely nothing he can do to change it; and he will get the blame for high unemployment and the massive price increases that the foolish inflation of our currency will soon produce. By 2012, the electorate will be screaming for a different kind of Hope® and Change®. Campaign ’12 starts today. Carpe Diem. â—„Daveâ–º

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