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Thomas Sowell exercises his talent for clear thinking and crisp writing in his latest piece entitled Record Versus Rhetoric:

Apparently there is something about Sarah Palin that causes some
people to think of her as either the best of candidates or the worst of
candidates. She draws enthusiastic crowds and provokes visceral
hostility in the media.

The issue that is raised most often is her relative lack of
experience and the fact that she would be “a heartbeat away from the
presidency” if Senator John McCain were elected. But Barack Obama has
even less experience– none in an executive capacity– and his would
itself be the heartbeat of the presidency if he were elected.

Sarah Palin’s record is on the record, while whole years of
Barack Obama’s life are engulfed in fog, and he has had to explain away
one after another of the astounding and vile people he has not merely
“associated” with but has had political alliances with, and to whom he
has directed the taxpayers’ money and other money.

Sarah Palin has had executive experience– and the White House
is the executive branch of government. We don’t have to judge her by
her rhetoric because she has a record.

We don’t know what Barack Obama will actually do because he
has actually done very little for which he was personally accountable.
Even as a state legislator, he voted “present” innumerable times
instead of taking a stand one way or the other on tough issues.

“Clean up the mess in Washington”? He was part of the mess in Chicago and lined up with the Daley machine against reformers.

Read the whole thing. Black America could sure use a few more thinkers like Sowell, and a few less Community Agitators… or Saul Alinsky prefered to call them, Community Organizers.  â—„Daveâ–º

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