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I won’t bother with the links so as not to entice anyone to bother to read their putrid bilge; but the NY Times is leading the drumbeat to cause worry that stump rhetoric accusing Obama of consorting with terrorists will cause some angry redneck to shoot him before they can elect him.  The rhetoric from the Times is infinitely more inciting than anything Sarah Palin has ever said, and they ought to be ashamed of continuing to stoke racial unrest.  Personally, I reckon Sarah has more to fear from a sycophant of Wm. Ayers, than Obama has from some erstwhile pal of Timothy McVeigh.

Have you ever been to NYC?  The critters of the night thereabouts are truly dangerous.  I experienced my first mortal combat one night there at 18 just naively walking down a sidewalk in uniform (for what it is worth, my assailant was white).  How anyone could actually live in that concrete jungle, and be terrified of the inhabitants of their wilderness in Flyover Country, boggles the mind.  Perhaps that is why Progressives are demonstrably so much more racist than Conservatives, yet believe the opposite.  They probably assume that the minorities we encounter out here are as antisocial, angry, and dangerous as those trapped in their ghettos; so they just cannot believe we outgrew bigotry because, to their perpetual hidden shame and everlasting guilt, they can’t.  â—„Daveâ–º

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