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I followed this story pretty closely up until the Democratic Convention on the pro-Hillary blogs, because it looked like it could change the outcome of the Democratic Primary. When it didn’t, I was surprised; but lost interest in it when Sarah Palin entered the fray. It is back:

October Surprise

11 compelling minutes.  If this Democrat is who he says he is, then his credentials and political experience surpass those of Obama.  He makes his case well, and since it would be so easy just to produce the documents for the judge if there were nothing to hide, one cannot avoid concluding that there must be. Any chance this could change the trend of the campaigns if enough Americans watched it? Isn’t it curious that there seems to be no requirement that those running for the office of POTUS even prove they meet the Constitutional requirements of the office?

This only adds weight to a profound remark I heard recently somewhere that Obama could not get a regular Federal Government job because, with all the nefarious characters he has associations with and all the data about his past that he refuses to divulge, he could not pass a background check. I reckon we need to require anyone running for any Federal office to obtain a Top Secret clearance before voting for them.

Since an adverse press is going to do it anyway, it would seem that any candidate aspiring to a Federal office ought to submit to at least as thorough a FBI investigation as our other Federal employees and military personnel must.  Any information that is unearthed by the FBI that would disqualify him for the clearance should just be made public, so the voter can decide on its relevance. ◄Dave►

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