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I am back from a pleasant day of model airplane flying with some old friends I haven’t seen in over a year, even though their club field in Paso Robles is only 50 miles north of my home base here at Pismo Beach. I lived in an Amazon world for so long during my Montessori preschool days, and had forgotten how much pleasure I got from the male bonding opportunities the modeling club offered when I took up the hobby several years ago. I have been basically living a hermit’s existence for the past year and need to get out of that rut. I look forward to my travels this spring and summer.

Unfortunately, I did crash my newest airplane, which my friend Scott had generously given me for the only Christmas present I received this year. I liked the way it flew so much, (before my dumb and/or rusty thumbs pulled when they should have pushed while it was inverted too close to the ground to recover) that I stopped at the hobby shop and bought an identical replacement kit on the way home. That should keep my pen out of trouble for a few hours at least here and there as I put it together. Too bad Scott was there to see me auger it in, or he wouldn’t know the replacement wasn’t the original he gave me.

I also stopped at a Barnes & Noble and picked up a copy of Neil Boortz’s latest book “Sombody’s Gotta Say It” on Troy’s recommendation so we can discuss it in the forum. Speaking of libertarians, I invited a libertarian flying friend I reconnected with today to visit here and hopefully participate. I do hope you all are inviting any simpatico minds to join us here to create a nice group dynamic. They don’t have to be libertarian as long as they are thinkers, not emoters. It is only the tyranny bound bed wetters, hand wringers, and bible thumpers I hope to avoid. â—„Daveâ–º

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