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Since the Russia collusion farce seems to be exploding in the progressives’ faces, they have to come up with a new Trump crime. This time it concerns the separation of adults and minors entering the country illegally. Translated: the coyotes have figured out a way to game the system by bringing in “families” who may or may not be related in some way other than the crime they are committing by crossing the border illegally.

Predictably, the progressives and their media stooges are crying crocodile tears over these poor “innocent” babies, even showing some of them crying in cages (via a photo from the Obamanation administration at which time such was, presumably, quite OK.

In the last few days, I have seen/heard several attempts to explain things rationally – by Trump, Sarah Saunders, Kirstjen Neilsen (DHS Secretary) and others. All to no avail.

What bothers me most about this is that none of them seem able to bring up the obvious… can you imagine how many American children are separated from their parent (usually single parent) every week because of minor violations of drug laws which IMHO should not even exist? Do these children have fewer rights than children who are, in fact, part of the commission of a REAL crime? Nope, they don’t matter (at least at present). Why? Is it because most of them are black and/or poor? Not at all. It is simply that they lack political value.

I will repeat again my friends, a once great nation is being destroyed by self-serving traitor elites while most of us sit idle and watch. These people are committing crimes against humanity for which execution is the only just remedy. Please let it begin. Although I love our Constitution and once wore a uniform and vowed to die protecting it if necessary – I am almost willing for Trump to assume dictatorial powers if that is what it takes to drain the swamp. On that subject, if you don’t watch Steve Hilton’s show on Sunday evening on FOX News, then you are missing some of the best insight into our mess than I have ever seen.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

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  • What I find mind boggling is how easily thoughtless sheeple can have their heartstrings manipulated by such irrational arguments. I know of no jurisdiction in the world, where bringing a child along during the commission of a crime represents a get-out-of-jail-free pass. If one is caught trying to rob a bank with a child in tow, one is going to jail alone and the welfare of the child befalls Child Protective Services. The obvious question nobody is asking is: what is the alternative?

    For those inclined to dismiss illegal border crossing as an insignificant infraction, just ponder history. Tax-collecting jurisdictions (AKA: governments) tend to take their claimed territorial boundaries rather seriously. How many millions of humans have been summarily killed, attempting to cross various borders between them without permission ̶ either by jackbooted thugs, tasked with keeping the taxpaying sheeple in; or jackbooted heroes, tasked with keeping unwelcome invaders out?

    From that perspective, jailing scofflaws while caring for their children in separate camps, seems rather humane. By now, common sense would suggest that responsible parents really should apply for asylum legally, at official crossing points, even if they are not being shot at. Laws meant to be deterrents are pointless, if not enforced. Trump’s new Executive Order to house them together in prison camps may suppress the present phony political issue; but it does not solve the problem. It will probably only exacerbate it. Now his tormentors will just complain about “inhumane” conditions, like they did when Obama did the same thing.

    While I share your history regarding military service and former reverence for the Constitution, after another 50+ years of pondering the true nature of statism vs. individualism, I have come to realize that “Great Nation” is an oxymoron. I am unfamiliar with who Steve Hilton might be, or that he has a TV show. On your recommendation, I will check it out, Troy. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

    • Update: Pat Buchanan offers a good synopsis of what it took to cobble together this so-called “Great Nation.” Am I really supposed to be proud of that history? He also suggests how our mind-numbed progeny are fixin’ to to unravel it. Give me one compelling reason why I should care. 🙁 â—„Daveâ–º

  • Troy says:

    BTW, I should have mentioned in my original post that we (as usual) have a terminology problem here as well:

    Progressives refer to those crossing the border as immigrants.

    Conservatives refer to those crossing the border as illegal immigrants.

    The more accurate term is invaders.

    I think this puts a more accurate light on the situation and better justifies taking whatever steps are necessary to stop it.


    • Anyone who has ever lived in more than one location is by definition a migrant. This would include most Americans. Although born in Arkansas, I haven’t lived there for over 70 years. Having since resided in 8 countries and 16 of these United States, I am the epitome of a footloose migrant.

      Carefully parsing of the word invaders reveals that it, like immigrants and emigrants, only applies to migrants physically crossing an imaginary boundary separating different tax-collecting jurisdictions. An emigrant is leaving one. An immigrant is joining one. The modifier illegal simply implies that doing so without the express written permission of the governmental bureaucracy, is contrary to law and likely to provoke undesirable consequences.

      An invader is intent on conquering and overthrowing the current rulers within one. From the perspective of the rulers in America and Europe (and/or their loyal sheeple), the cumulative effect of the current trend of third world peasants migrating north seeking better living conditions, might appear to be an invasion; but is it really?

      Whether these wretched migrants are moving away from adversity, or toward opportunity, it seems clear that they expect to find significant improvement over what they left behind. It would be counterintuitive to think very many of these individuals might actually be up to political mischief themselves, much less intent on conquest. I know from my own migratory experiences, I not only had zero desire to change an agreeable new locale, I was inclined to want to close the gates behind me, to keep the rest of you from coming to spoil it. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

      • Troy says:

        An invader is intent on conquering and overthrowing the current rulers within one. From the perspective of the rulers in America and Europe (and/or their loyal sheeple), the cumulative effect of the current trend of third world peasants migrating north seeking better living conditions, might appear to be an invasion; but is it really?

        Several years ago when I lived in Corpus Christi, our U.S. Congresswoman (of Hispanic descent) publicly exclaimed “we are doing with breeding what we could not do with our armies — reconquering the northern empire”.

        I found this a pretty clear indication of their intentions. And, thanks to our indifference, it is working.


        • I found this a pretty clear indication of their intentions.

          Define “they.” Your Congress Critter was a US citizen, not a foreign invader, and undoubtedly a member of the La Raza/Reconquista political movement. As repugnant as their racist agenda is, these quintessential American civil-rights organizations are playing (and winning) the game of politics by the well-established rules of this particular tax-collecting jurisdiction.

          The loyal sheeple who freely support its existence, completely accept the mob-rule premise of a democracy, that a winning majority of voters somehow has the moral authority, to plunder and rule over the losing minority. The very existence of this faulty premise, engenders the various affinity groups, based on race, religion, sex, or ideology, etc., competing with each other for political power.

          I seriously doubt that the poor migrants would even be aware of these American civil-rights organizations, or their racist goals — much less consciously acting to further them — prior to arriving here. I still maintain that their individual motives for the desperate trek north are overwhelmingly selfish, not communal, and certainly not part of any organized invasion.

          Once here, they are quite likely to be recruited to join one faction or another; but that is another matter altogether. They probably would prefer to just find a job and raise their families in unaccustomed peace and prosperity; but it is unlikely that the politicos will permit this, in this increasingly discordant, politicized, and polarized society. More the pity… 🙁 â—„Daveâ–º

  • Chris says:

    I’m reveling at the theater being produced from both sides. It’s priceless. The progressive/liberal/democrat/wacko crowd got their tits caught in the ringer so they have to change the news cycle. They had this one banked for when they had to go nuclear and even the conservative media is feeding it as well. It’s a non issue that’s been going on for decades and is simply a consequence of unlawful border jumping. In many cases giving those kids a hot meal and warm bed in a safe environment is more than anyone has done in a long time.

    Of note is the passing of a great mind and commentator who I didn’t always agree with but always commanded respect for his argument. Charles Krauthammer in death did us one last kindness. He caused Fox news to stop squealing about illegal immigrant kids for a day and a half.

    • Troy says:

      I found myself agreeing with Krauthammer most of the time and I mourn his passing.

      I agree that the constant coverage about the “poor children” makes me want to go down there and choke a few of them (along with every reporter in sight).


    • Agreed. Try just turning Fox News off for a few days, guys. I now rarely ever turn the TV on, and I sure don’t miss it! 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

      • Oops… I just set my DVR to record Troy’s recommendation of the Steve Hilton show, and noticed that there is a special on Charles Krauthammer for the hour before it, so I tagged that too. Looks like I will be getting an OD of Fox News this week. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

        • Troy says:

          So… did you like Hilton’s show?

          • I did. Thanks for recommending it. Great monologue and excellent panel. I have always liked Tammy Bruce, and I really enjoyed a couple of Shelby Steele’s books, particularly “White Guilt.”

            My favorite quote by John Cox: “The new California dream is to move to Texas!” Hmm… Do Texans think of Californians as invaders? 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

          • Chris says:

            Do Texans think of Californians as invaders?

            They probably should. I’ve always been amused by those who migrate from places because of conditions unfavorable and then proceed to work at turning their new place into where they just left.

  • Troy says:

    My favorite quote by John Cox: “The new California dream is to move to Texas!” Hmm… Do Texans think of Californians as invaders?

    Most of us do. They have already destroyed Austin with progressive politics and outrageous house prices. Now, they also have a good start on the DFW Metroplex. They don’t seem to care much for Houston (so far).

    Some years ago, Allan Funt did a Candid Camera episode where they put closed signs at the major entry ways into Texas and told drivers that Texas was full and nobody else could come in. We now need that for real.


    • I miss Alan Funt and Art Linkletter. 🙂

      Has anyone there ever noticed how much effort your last governor put into enticing Californians to bring their businesses and families to Texas? Without your own government’s encouragement, most Californians would have never considered moving there. Without Texan’s acceptance of the mob rule principle of democracy, and the ease with which Californians can quickly become citizens and voters in Texas, their arrival could not have much effect on the natives. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

  • I am so tired of this border BS.
    1. any parent dragging their kid hundreds of miles across this inhospitable terrain should be arrested for child abuse.
    2. If crossing the border illegally they need to be arrested, fingerprinted, immediately sent home with kids in tow, put a 5 year extension on getting legal asylum.
    3. go back to the old days … you are sponsored by a US citizen who pays your way if you can not. NO WELFARE

    I did some checking on these facilities were kids are kept. Ingram is right no matter how bad the facility might be it is 100 times better than they have seen before. Most are indeed like summer camp.

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