PostHeaderIcon Roseanne, Did You Lose Your Mind​?

How can one resist the urge to join the Roseanne fracas? Not me!

My first observation is that she did indeed lose her mind if only temporarily. There is simply no way such a comment in a public space could go ignored. However much she may have wished it was funny, it simply came off as cruel and racist.

My second observation is that if the comment had been to the extent that the combination of a Scotswoman and an ape = DJT, it would have been thought hilarious. Such a double standard we live under these sad days.

My third observation, and one that includes a recent Trump controversy, is that humans are, in fact, apes. Indeed, we are considered to be the apex ape. Ergo, the idea of mating with an ape is not necessarily and insulting one. As a side observation, it is also true that humans are animals (perhaps Pelosi thinks we are vegetables but there is no science to support this!) Ergo, calling a human an animal is nothing more or less than a statement of fact. Trump would have been better to include the word “viscous” in his comment.

Please note that none of the observations above are intended to defend or justify a stupid attempt at humor that went way off the track. Nor are they meant to defend the viscous animals in any street gang. Instead it is a sort of suggestion that we all take a chill pill. These constant attempts to destroy each other will surely eventually succeed in destroying us all.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

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7 Responses to “Roseanne, Did You Lose Your Mind​?”

  • ◄Dave► says:

    My first comment is to concur with your observation regarding temporary insanity, Troy. I was surprised to learn about some of the anecdotal side effects of Ambien (aka: The Racist Drug). Scott Adams did a rather interesting Periscope on the subject yesterday.

    BTW, Scott’s daily periscopes are now available as podcasts, which can be found on iTunes, etc. or on his blog. I really enjoy listening to them while taking my daily exercise walk.

    My second comment is to suggest that individuals might best ignore PC social ‘standards,’ double or otherwise. If something strikes one as funny, laugh and don’t feel guilty for it. If not, don’t, and try hard not to waste time judging others who did.

    My third comment is to admit I laughed out loud at your use of ‘viscous’ when you obviously meant ‘vicious.’ Then again, I suppose some humanoids could fairly be described as ‘thick’ and/or ‘syrupy’ (i.e. Dimwitted and/or mawkish). 🙂 ◄Dave►

    • It’s probably nothing, but sometimes I wonder if high profile people are getting slipped something that is altering their behavior. The final report on Prince’s death showed he was killed by a counterfeit prescription pill that was mixed in with the real thing, so clearly it is a vulnerability. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck rise the other day when Gowdy said, “I am even more convinced that the FBI did exactly what my fellow citizens would want them to do.”. Tin foil hat or wool over your eyes… It’s one or the other.

      Regardless, she was certainly in the perfect position for them to pick at her until she snapped and said something dumb. The echo chambers on the left are now claiming that the right is defending her and opposing her firing. The right seems to be actually spending their time wondering why it’s only the right wing people getting fired for this kind of thing.

      I’ve been listening to most of the Scott Adams stuff lately too. I especially enjoyed his segment the other day on the NYT editor word salad telling people to stop thinking about all the evidence that he’s wrong and just accept that he’s probably right.

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      • ◄Dave► says:

        It’s one or the other.

        Why not both? 😉

        Yes, that was a good segment. He has an uncommon take on much of what is happening. I learn something new nearly every day from him. 🙂 ◄Dave►

  • Troy says:

    My third comment is to admit I laughed out loud at your use of ‘viscous’ when you obviously meant ‘vicious.’

    The lesson here is to not rely so much on spell checkers. Perhaps I need a context checker? Fact is, the arthritis in my hands has gotten so bad that I can hardly type. What I need is a voice to text tool like on my phone.

    After I posted this yesterday, I listened a bit to Rush Limbaugh and he was going over the outrageous stuff that the left has said about Trump (for which very few lost their jobs) including one that labeled him an o rang-otang. Wouldn’t he need bright orange hair for that?

    Then there is the matter of whether Valerie Jarrett really is African-American. She looks more like an Iranian to me. (Oh, I remember — she IS an Iranian).

    Oh well — things are seldom what they seem.


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    • ◄Dave► says:

      What I need is a voice to text tool like on my phone.

      When using Google Chrome, I like: Similar options are available as extensions for other browsers; but this one works very well, is easy to edit, and requires no installation or registration. ◄Dave►

  • Chris says:

    In short yes she has. That is if you choose to ignore her very long and open history of doing exactly this type of thing for decades. Her only mistake was choice of target. Never mind that it was probably the most accurate observation she ever had. Rosanne never has been conservative but simply like many Americans that are tired of the Washington BS. She created a show that some of those same people may find enjoyable. We can’t have any of that. Anyone that thinks Trump might be doing good things deserves no pleasure in anything. Her show was less of a political point and more of a political spoof. That’s why I liked it. So Rosanne retires early AGAIN while Cathy Griffin carries her severed head show from one annoying crowd to another.

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    • ◄Dave► says:

      Never mind that it was probably the most accurate observation she ever had.

      Good point. Look at her Wikipedia portrait. I submit that Roseanne, consciously or not, was likely more influenced by her hair style than her skin tone. Critics leaping to equate apes with African Americans are probably revealing more about their own prejudices than hers. 😉 ◄Dave►

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