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Here is a good compilation, worth pondering:

Harris is brilliant; but so was Hitchens, and I always appreciated his attitude. 😀 â—„Daveâ–º


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  • Troy says:

    I find them equally brilliant although each has/had his own style. Hitchens gets a slight advantage from his wonderfully sophisticated English accent combined with that clear-as-a-bell baritone voice he had (and used so effectively).

    Like you, I miss the Hitch.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Agreed. Hitch was a bit quicker and blunter to call BS, and skewer an irrational fundi’s sacred cows. Also, his freethinking was more of a sideline to his fulsome journalistic, punditry, historical, literature, and intellectual talents. I enjoyed his essays and books, well before he became notorious as one of the “new atheists.” â—„Daveâ–º

  • I tend to go with Troy … they are both great. Hitchen had a slight edge. Might be that baritone voice. 😉
    He reminded me of a slap with a velvet glove. You tended to listen whether you agreed for not.

    I have seen Sam Harris in a couple of smack downs … he is brilliant at debate. I have yet to see him lose his cool and immediately put his opponent into a frenzy of illogical thought.

    One most memorable was with the half-witted fool Cenk Uygur. Why Uygur would challenge Harris escapes me … clearly a case of “too stupid to recognize stupid”. Harris nicely without loosing his cool ripped Uygur to shreds.

    I must admit it was a delight to watch.

    That being said I quite liked a discussion between Hitchens, Harris, Dawkins, and Dennett on youtube.

    • Thanks, CT. I had seen that discussion offered on YouTube and intended to get around to watching it; but due to its length had not yet done so. You are right, it was excellent! I’d give a lot for the opportunity to join such a conversation in a coffee shop every morning. In fact, I’d rather spend a couple of hours daily watching such mind candy on YouTube, than wasting them on pointless politics. 😀 â—„Daveâ–º

  • You are welcome … the time element was a little challenging for me too but I just grabbed my knitting and bit the bullet. NOTHING LIKE multi-tasking … education and a great scarf, hat or something tangible (don’t remember what now exactly) I knit a lot! … lol

    I’d rather spend a couple of hours daily watching such mind candy on YouTube, than wasting them on pointless politics.

    Honestly I am done with TV, news, politics.
    I am now spending time with Stefan, GoNews, Paul Joseph Watson (he makes me laugh)and that’s it.

    I need main stream like a hole in the head.
    Like you I MIGHT (not sure yet) tune into Tucker. 🙂

    • Knit me a cap! 🙂

      You don’t have to tune in to Tucker. All of his interesting segments are soon uploaded to YouTube.

      Actually, I think of you often, while indulging in my latest entertainment, since I recall that you love big cats. If you need a time-sink, check out safariLIVE. They have a three hour long live safari in the African bush twice a day. Most days they have lengthy close encounters with lion prides and leopards. I generally don’t watch them live; but catch the recordings, so I can fast forward to the interesting sightings for the less entertaining guides’ segments.

      FYI, I lived for a year in the African bush back in my early 30’s, not that far from their location, in what is now called Zimbabwe. That is how I got hooked on their channel. The scenery, frequent animal encounters, and distinctive accent of particularly the female guides, are rather nostalgic to me. 😉

      Here is a short taste of the leopards. Enjoy! â—„Daveâ–º

  • Oh Thank you for the heads up Dave.:)
    No I had not seen this yete

    Zimbabwe? … how exciting!
    What were you doing there Dave and how long?

    Yes I love the big cats … my friend Nikki had a big cat rescue in Wisconsin and raised a baby cougar that was a tiny rescue. She would call me in the very early mornings with that little kitten in a pouch on her chest to keep him warm. You could hear him purr … it was so fun.

    She had a tiger, cougar 2 leopards, several lynx and servals.

    Also I subscribed to the link you sent me … it will be a must make time.

    Silly me … somehow I thought after the election I would have a break. WRONG!

    Time is apparently speeding up or I am severely slowing down.
    I am however making headway at the monumental task of spring cleaning and getting underway on a kitchen remodel.

    At this speed I might be finished by Thanksgiving lol 😉

    • Zimbabwe? … how exciting!
      What were you doing there Dave and how long?

      It is kind of a long story. I got enticed to visit there by cute little blonde air stewardess from Rhodesian Airlines, whom I met in the Seychelles Islands back in ’73, soon after my marriage fell apart. She sounded exactly like Jamie on SafariLive. I was so taken with Rhodesia that I actually emigrated there. My first job was as a manager on a 3000 hectare farm owned by a relative of hers.

      Then, I got a job repairing 2-way radios out in the bush. I drove all over the country in a Land Rover, pulling a 12′ camping trailer, which was my mobile electronics workshop. It was during UN sanctions and their war with the Chicom backed terrorists, which was mostly nocturnal skirmishes out in the farming country, so I was armed to the teeth and somewhat of a cross between a mercenary and a technician. 🙂

      After a little over a year, white people were bailing out so fast, that it became obvious that our beautiful country had no future under the relentless UN sanctions, and worldwide pressure to turn the government over to the Communists. Reluctantly, but pragmatically, I foresaw what was coming and repatriated to California.

      You will enjoy the safaris, CT. After you have watched a few, I recommend using the jump forward and backwards function (Right and Left Arrow keys) to skip through much of the drive time to get to the interesting sightings. With two 3-hour-long broadcasts every day, there is just no way to watch all of them. Nevertheless, I suspect I am still spending a couple of hours a day, thoroughly entertained by all the animals and the often humorous guides. Their personalities have grown on me, and there is always something new to experience. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

      • That is indeed an interesting story Dave. I hope you have written your adventures down. There has to be a fascinating book in there and you certainly have the skill with words to bring it about. Those stories and perspectives are important parts of history IMO.

        NATO … still a mucked up mess. I happened onto a video today about Obama, Kerry and NATO meeting this week to settle Palestine taking over part of Israel. According to this woman who made the video with the stroke of the Obama pen it would be a done deal and Trump could do nothing about it.

        I sort of dismissed the whole thing because it had to do with Bible prophesy or some such thing and as you might imagine my thought along those lines are not glowing. True or not true? Don’t know or care.

        I do remember thinking … Trump could do nothing? Sit back and watch the UNPREDICTABLE Gemini Genius flip NATO a middle finger, snatch up our “money marbles” and leave them in the dust to flounder on their own.

        I do not watch news much at all any more. I did see a clip of Trump essentially tell Acosta … “shut up and go to the back of the bus” and it did not sink in to the dumb twit with a short sentence he was made irrelevant … probably forever more.

        Honestly I am suffering major fatigue listening to fools whine about what Trump can not do.

        Back to the safari channel … yes I lost a couple of hours today watching a big boy young lion lumbering along a roadway. Then got educated about the brain capacity and intelligence of animals. My my a mouse has a bigger brain than humans for its size. Probably smarter than us too. Clearly about 100 times smarter than Obama, Kerry and NATO IMO … LOL

        BTW … thanks for the + forward tip. I can not watch this stuff live I get to stuck on it. Will wait for them in recordings later. I think I got about 5 alerts already today … LOL

        Well there is one thing I can count on my spring cleaning that I was suppose to do instead will still be there tomorrow. 🙂

        Back to recording history … I had a wonderfully colorful Grandfather who fled Austria with his mother and sister in the late 1800’s. He ended up in Texas and by 14 had become a dead shot pistolero who left home to roam the mid-west with a fast draw reputation and a pair of S & W double action Schofield .45’s in tow. The family heard he was killed in a gunfight in Abilene, Kansas. Much to the shock of his mother and sister he rode into town not so dead at all. He cashed in his wonder lust, married, moved to Ca where he raised his family.

        My dad use to tell stories of his fathers adventures … I wish I had written them down. It did not seem so important back then. What a shame. 🙁

        Gosh I hope you can figure this post out I have been interrupted enough that I no longer know what I am talking about at midnight 🙂

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