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Here is another pathetic example of why our kids need some serious tutoring in our Constitution:

At least they were American enough to have felt bad for what they were doing; but they were following the illegal orders anyway. Hopefully these guys have been schooled by Oath Keepers and are “OK” themselves by now. If one of them ever kicks in my door, or points a weapon at my family, it will be his last unconstitutional act. ◄Dave►


3 Responses to “Just Pathetic”

  • Tribal says:

    Hi Dave,

    I sent you an email but thought I would try this out as I haven’t commented yet on your blog. Keep up the good work. Here is a link which has two more gun control videos from New Orleans. Feel free to take off the link and embed the videos.
    Talk to you soon, P.

  • Tribal says:

    Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize the second video is just a copy of the other one you have up. The first one is good though. Good in the sense of waking people up to what is or did and will happen if we don’t “stick to our guns”. P.

  • ◄Dave► says:

    Thanks Tribal. I posted the first one too, back on Nov. 4th while everybody was out voting for the Obamessiah to save the world, at Remember Katrina. ◄Dave►


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