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Don’t miss Victor Davis Hanson’s “Ten Random, Politically Incorrect Thoughts.” They are all profound; number six I hadn’t thought of; and number ten speaks of our doom:

10. The K-12 public education system is essentially wrecked. No longer can any professor expect an incoming college freshman to know what Okinawa, John Quincy Adams, Shiloh, the Parthenon, the Reformation, John Locke, the Second Amendment, or the Pythagorean Theorem is. An entire American culture, the West itself, its ideas and experiences, have simply vanished on the altar of therapy. This upcoming generation knows instead not to judge anyone by absolute standards (but not why so); to remember to say that its own Western culture is no different from, or indeed far worse than, the alternatives; that race, class, and gender are, well, important in some vague sense; that global warming is manmade and very soon will kill us all; that we must have hope and change of some undefined sort; that AIDs is no more a homosexual- than a heterosexual-prone disease; and that the following things and people for some reason must be bad, or at least must in public company be said to be bad (in no particular order): Wal-Mart, cowboys, the Vietnam War, oil companies, coal plants, nuclear power, George Bush, chemicals, leather, guns, states like Utah and Kansas, Sarah Palin, vans and SUVs.

How do we possibly recover from this? In due course these ignorant kids will have to take over the reins. As an old man, I am finding myself more and more disinterested in worrying about our posterity… Western culture is already relegated to history… which at the rate it is going, their kids won’t even be allowed to read, much less understand their loss. â—„Daveâ–º

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